all things d

define me in any way you know how.

Shake on it

Dinner with the girls while I was back home. Location: Han Guk Guan in Chinatown. I must say, the food was rather disappointing, the front doors mimicking traditional Korean doors are such a sham, you’d think that if you enter such an intricate looking entrance you’d be greeted with something of the same calibre. Traditional looking decor, interesting and cultural ornaments, cutlery… er… FAIL! Simple boring decor.

Fried dumplings – Meh.

Steamed dumplings – better than their fried friend but still, meh.

Combination bbq: pork ribs, beef ribs and chicken with a massive bed of onions.

Dinner: meh, Company: win!

Coffe at Cibo; C, Tina and Hannah who also happens to be a celebrity magnet! Bosco Wong and Miranda Kerr in the span of 2 weeks, hot damn!

Huddled up in my bed… getting ready to watch a movie on the laptop.

Mister D trying to let me know that he needed to go to the dunny! =D



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