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A weekend with Dung up from Adelaide, consisted of us eating out constantly… I loves it, but not my waistline.

Mass food porn to follow:

Fridays lunch was Bread Top. I go weak at the knees for Bread Top, I lose all five senses and run amok if released freely in one of these chains… Carbs… my nasty best friend! I had the black charcoal bun and a durian pancake… the bun was crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside with a hint of garlic – almost like a black garlic bread. It doesn’t sound visually appealing, but the texture and flavour was really good – definitely one of those buns I’d go back for at BT. The durian pancake was soft, light, creamy and just right with a filling of cream, sponge cake and durian; however it does not top the green tea pancake (oh I love!)!

Dinner dined at Botoli on Burwood Road, Burwood.

Mushrooms and vegetables stirfry – oh so good. The texture of the mushrooms were chewy and firm, the vegetables cooked just right – not overly cooked or soggy, still crisp and crunchy, and the sauce was flavoursome and thick which coated each piece of food beautifully. YUM!

Singaporean Chilli mud crab – the sauce was soooooooooooo good! The only thing I hate about eating mudcrabs, it takes forever to take the meat out, you gotta use your fingers, get messy and poke and dig… BUT it does slow down my eating consumption as I’m concentrating so hard to get the meat which in turn, makes me full and therefore, I eat less. HA! OMG, look at the roe! *GULP*

Salt and pepper mudcrab – YUM, crispy, salty and peppery.

Quails – crispy skin and tender, moist, juicy meat.

Prawns and vermicilli noodles – packed full of flavours and the noodles were sooooooooo good.

Finally finished the night off at Stratty Square cafe.




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