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Mucho Punk

The last installment of food porn from last weekend, phew!

Lunch at Bar Luck in Cabramatta:

Singaporean mudcrab: full of awesomeness: great smell, texture, taste… the sauce is to DIE FOR! I’m drooling thinking about it… gah!!

Bread roll: crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside – just came out of the oven… omg, fresh bread! GIMME!

Mushroom and veggie stir fry – the one at Botoli was actually a lot better.

Steamed Chinese broccoli – Gai Lan

Dinner at Wagaya (one of my favs)

Potato salad

Salmon and scallop sashimi

Rainbow sushi roll

Seaweed salad

Beef Tataki – meh, nothing special. The onion, ginger and spring onion overpowered the taste of the meat. Fail.

Soft shell crab salad

And to wrap the weekend up, we head to Passionflower:

Double happiness: green tea ice cream, azuki red bean ice cream, topped with red bean paste on a bed of glutinous balls.
Black sesame ice cream, glutinous balls coated in black sesame and nuts. I love!!

As good as it gets: Durian, jackfruit and taro ice cream with jelly, glutinous balls and condensed milk.



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