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Oh my, what a productive weekend that went by in a flash!

Saturday kicked off with a much needed work out before heading off to the hairdressers for a long overdue haircut, or in my case, a quick trim. I also finally got my hands on a new toy; a new camera lens! YAYERS !! We dropped by that “massive” brand sale in Alexandria and scored nothing, dodged the parking inspectors in the nick of time and saved ourselves $200 bucks, drove to Kensington in search of Tengoku, the sushi place that’s known for their MASSIVE servings of sashimi but was unfortunately closed til the end of the month, headed to the city and scored an awesome free parking spot near Broadway, legged it all the way to Darling Harbour and collapsed at Blue Fish. Well, on the verge of collapse! About time too, cause our legs were limp and we were starvinggggggggg!

View from our table.

And sadly, the food didn’t live up to the view on offer.

Wild Barramundi Fillet with brown rice, corn, peas and shallots and soy and ginger dressing. The fish was cooked perfectly and mind you, I’m hardly a fish person at all, unless it’s salmon or sashimi, then ok. The rice was cooked just right, the corn and peas, well they just floated in the soy and ginger dressing which basically overwhelmed the entire dish. All I could taste was soy… it was like they emptied half a bottle of soy into my dish… BOO!

Surf & Turf: scotch fillet, morton bay bugs, Diane sauce and hot chips.  This looked so incredibly sad. One of the most expensive dishes on the menu and this is what we get, absolute fail. Chips and steak were cold, morton bay bug – bland and well… at least add some greens… pfft.

Ended the night off with a Fresh Prince of Bel Air marathon. Oh have I mentioned that Will Smith is awesome? Awesome I say!



2 responses to “Mission

  1. Maggie August 18, 2009 at 16:06

    Duuuuuuuude why do you never tell anyone that you’re hitting up Sydneytown??? We should have an eat-off! Like totally. Also – food porn is evil. I just ate and now I want some barramundi. Thanks.

    • debbii August 18, 2009 at 16:13

      Eat off?! That sounds awesome… We should do it, I’m all up for food… =D which reminds me, I need to go get me some lunch. Like NOW.

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