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Pulled Fabric

Sunday was a refreshing change from the last.. say 5 Sundays  previous. HA!

I woke up early, (surprise surprise), had a healthy brekky and proceeded to watch CoCo Chanel. Surprisingly the movie was really really enjoyable. Chanel is LOVE. Her values, her thoughts, her visions, what she embodies, wow. What a strong powerful woman. I can’t wait to watch Coco avant Chanel which was released not too long ago.

By midday, Nomz emerges from the room and comes downstairs asking me whether I’d like to go cycling. Let me rephrase this, Naomi – the lazy one, asked ME, if I wanted to go cycling with her, HELL YEAH! I’m not gonna turn this offer down, cause who knows when the next time she’ll ask me this! Hahahah! Sports for the win! Which reminds me, I wanted to go watch an AFL footy game this year, but the seasons almost over already! I didn’t even know, Sydney’s not really into AFL are they? HMPH!

This scene was too cute. The little boy curled up on the front was hitching a free ride from older brother I assume.

It was almost like torture cycling, just because there were family bbq’s EVERYWHERE and we were getting hungry after all that cycling. Was hoping someone would give us some food.. hahaha! So how did we deal with hungry tummies? Shanghai Night, here we come!

Jellyfish and cucumber salad; yum yum yum. Cook, refreshing, nice balance of textures and just really really yummy.

Pan fried buns; a little on the oily side and not much soup in the centre.
Conclusion, their next door rivals: New Shanghai do a better job producing these delicious nuggets.

Just two more days to go!



6 responses to “Pulled Fabric

  1. localdrivinglessons August 20, 2009 at 00:06

    you have a nice collection , keep it up .

  2. beauty in imperfection~ August 21, 2009 at 11:16

    hahahahha i knowww!! i am sooo lazy! don’t worry, my avis will come soon and for sure heading out! hahahha! beach, markets, lunch etc etc. That means i need to start tanning and shopping for some sunshine itemsss????

    loveeee youuuuu xoxo

  3. Maggie August 21, 2009 at 11:52

    OMG I see GOI!!! Yuummmm.. that jellyfish shiz you get at the Asian grocers is awesome.

    • debbii August 21, 2009 at 18:58

      Awesome indeed! I can do for some goi right now… mMmm.. but I have Kettles’ Chilli chips within reach instead. *crunch crunch* haha

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