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Pre – Jabbawockeez

Jabba, jabba jabba! Wockeez, wockeez wockeezzzzzzzzzzzz!


Some food before we head off to Looze Control and Jabbawockeezzzzzzzzz:

Korean bbq…. nhom nhom~

The atrocious monstrosity of junk mail in front of our apartments… T_T

//////////////////////////// THE FORUM ////////////////////////////////

Nomz; The Forum entrance.

Inside the forum, on the third level trying to catch a glimpse of the crews during the dance competition.

A dance crew practicing outside.

Patrons waiting and hanging.

Tickets? Check!

The crowd filling into the forum.

First act.

Krumpers and the cute little krumping kid.

Israel.. er yeah, whatever.

Timomatic and Rhiannon from SYTYCD.

Stay tuned for the wockeez and a recap!



3 responses to “Pre – Jabbawockeez

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  2. Island September 4, 2009 at 19:08

    I don’t like Israel either =\

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