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Jabba – recap

Saturday kicked off with some korean bbq before heading off to what was going to be a long night… Loooooong night I tell ya!

The Looze Control dance competition kicked off at 5pm but we got there just before 8 seeing that once Looze Control over, everyone was to be evacuated from the venue in order for the “stage” to be set up. The Forum (venue) was pretty crowded and what an asian fest it was… we didn’t get a good spot to watch the dancers on stage so proceeded to the third level to grab a drink and attempt to watch the spectacle on stage via the mirror above us – even so, we could hardly see anything.

I suggested that we just head outside and line up for Jabba in hopes of getting a good spot once we file back in at 9.30… we had a plan to gun it for the first row in the mosh or scoot upstairs, but as always, nothing ever goes to plan. We were in line for hours, hours, hours… doors didn’t open til 11.30! GAHHHHHHH… everyone was getting restless and tired and it was evident throughout the night once we did finally get in.

Groups of people were sitting or squatting (HA!) on the floor waiting for the anticipated Jabba boys to appear, but before they even arrived, we were entertained by:

  • dance crew 1; thumbs up from me,
  • krumping crew with the cute little krumper; s’ok,
  • MC MC-ing… pity that the crowd was so unresponsive and had a “meh whatever” attitude,
  • SYTYCD dancers; Timomatic was uberly impressive and Rhiannon has killer killer abs,
  • Israel; meh, whatever,
  • 2 import models with not much clothing on sent tongues wagging,
  • and dj’s doing their thing; the music was AWESOME but the (dead) crowd was surely not!

FINALLY, at long last, Jabbawockeez are in the building and the crowd goes off!

The show ended at 2 and we were all shoo-ed out of the venue.. gahhhh, I was ready to party! Initially, I thought that the show ended at around 1130 and then an after party ensued where everyone got to mingle with the guests, shame it was not.

Overall, the wait totally killed it, but Jabbawockeez was awesome. Plus Phi’s so cute – extra bonus! =D



2 responses to “Jabba – recap

  1. Phuong September 7, 2009 at 03:02

    OMG awesome quality vids debs!! 2 thumbs upp!! imma show my grin man he will be pleased! hehe 😀

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