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Oh boy, Monday again!

Quick recap before I get my head dug into work…

Friday – went to watch Up in 3D and it was aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome! Can’t wait for it to come out on dvd so I can peruse through the entire thing, behind the scenes, the making, the characters, storyboard phase, planning, etc etc. Russell is sooooo freaking cute, I just wanna pinch those big fat cheeks of his!! Pixar has yet to put a foot wrong in their movies, and it makes me want their movie box set even more! It’s almost Christmas, anyone? =P


Sometimes, it’s the boring stuff I remember most“. – Russell

Saturday entailed a whole lotta nothing. Just had dinner at Kura? – the tiny Japanese place on the corner across the road from Market City. Decent pricing and the food was extremely speedy. Almost felt like I was in Cab; you get seated, you order and bang bang, the food comes out in a jiffy! Finished the night off with some dessert at French Riviera. Crap me, who would’ve thought that dessert was THAT HUMUNGO! (Pics to follow tonight)

Finally, Sunday = grocery shopping and walkies; manage to walk 11,000 steps yesterday (score!);  well that’s what my pedometer stated so hopefully that worked off some of the crap we ate over the weekend, most notably Friday night at the movies! Pods, All Natural Snakes, Starbursts gummi fruits and maybe a chip or two. Oh, and before I finish off, anyone catch Rove last night? Yeah yeah, you either hate him or you don’t, but the 10 year special was hilarioussssssss! Watching some of the old skits sure brought back memories – good times, good times.

FINALLY, any suggestions on things to do and places to go in Sydney? I have a list of things to do whilst I’m here and am need of more suggestions! Fire away!



2 responses to “Snuffles

  1. Island October 2, 2009 at 11:10

    I’ve yet to see UP, though I have been watching little clips on youtube to the point where I think I’ve seen half of the movie lol

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