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The usual and rather repetitive words have been coming out of my  mouth for the past 3 days – “I. AM. SO FULL.”… and full I am!

On Friday, there was a company hotpot lunch on Glebe Point Road… and boy, was it good! I ate so much (much to the objection of my stomach) that I had to skip dinner that night. I was THAT full… >.<

Saturday, fortunately proved to be more of an active day where I managed to walk over 11,500 steps–that’s gotta count for the other days where I only get to manage 2,000 more or less. We started off at the digital camera warehouse where I scored myself a brand spankin’ new tripod! *drools* Next stop: Balmain markets which actually turned into a major dud – a handful of stalls set up and nothing to buy. Fortunately, I spotted Adraina Zumbo’s small patteserie! A pit stop was a must! Scored us some macarons – blueberry lavender and mocha flavour – nhom nhom.

$2.00 per macaron

My brand spankin’ new tripod… like!

Seeing that it was still rather early, we tried our luck at the Surry Hills market, which again, resulted in another failed attempt as the markets weren’t on. Last attempt: Newtown markets – third time lucky! The Newtown markets were on, but it was just as bad as the Balmain markets – the only plus side, at least we had the shops down Newtown to peruse through. Nomz managed to pick up a book for Hung and a hot studded bag at Dangerfield.

A group of friends enjoying themselves on the top of shop verandas in Newtown.

It didn’t take long before our stomachs were crying out to be fed and seeing that we were already close to the city, we opted for Korean at Milliore in Capitol Square (cause they make a mean bibimbap). Bibimbap in a hot stone bowl and kim chi soup with tofu ox intestines were ordered… (yes, I like to be adventurous with my food). Two thumbs up as per usual. We grab some desserts at Chat Thai before heading home before the sunsets with the plan to head out at night for a coffee and to use my new tripod but we both grandma-ed the night away once we hit the sofa.

Bibimbap in claypot, $13.00

Kim chi soup with tofu ox intestines, $12.00

Desserts from Chat Thai, $5.00

We ventured out to Cabramatta today, or Vietnam, whichever way you want to put it. Main objective : Bar Luck for some Singaporean chilli mud crab! OH. EM. GEE. This stuff is gold, absolute pure gold. We caned it all, along with the 3 Vietnamese rolls (cruncy and toasty on the outside, soft and fluffy (think clouds or fairy floss) on the inside) and a bucket of rice… The sauce, there’s something about it, it’s thick but runny, full of flavour and just so damn good. They should bottle it up and sell it cause I’ll buy it by the dozen – literally. After literally cleaning our plates, we head downstairs and attempt to tackle the crowd and the festivities that surrounded us, but failed miserably. We quickly got our groceries done and headed home. What’s the plan for tonight? Possibly a super duperly early night without dinner cause I’m still so full.

Singaporean chilli mud crab, market price $48.00



4 responses to “Trees

  1. Island October 2, 2009 at 11:11

    I’ve never tried macarons before, they look quite classy XD

    • debbii October 2, 2009 at 16:31

      I’m a late bloomer too, had my first macaron some time this year. Nice little French treats when you want that small sugar hit after a meal. Heard they were an art to make! =)


  2. Im October 2, 2009 at 11:45

    I’m going to have to try that chilli crab in cab. Sounds tasty!

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