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Can you believe it? It’s only Wednesday! ONLY FREAKING WEDNESDAY!!!  T_T

The last two days have gone by painfully slow and dwelling on this fact isn’t exactly smart cause it’s not helping, but alas, we have reached Hump day… Wednesday. I just need to pull through today, and then I can see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. *Le sigh*

Looking back on the previous weekend, most notably Sunday, yum cha was in practice followed by a short session of grocery shopping. A stark contrast to the past two days where I woke up angry… angry as to what was ahead of me, in fact, I’m still angry… maybe more annoyed as to what still lies ahead of me, each freaking week day. Yeah, I know I sound disturbed… maybe I am.

Yesterday evening, a few of us (us, as in a few workmates; and few, as in five – me inclusive (yes I know, grammatically incorrect — I think?) got together and went out for a spontaneous night out for dinner. The spot for the night? Doytao Thai in Newtown as recommended by Dr. D. Food was pretty good, ambience was nice, homely and comfortable, and the company – excellento! I had a great time eating and talking, or bitching, whichever term you want to give it and planning… yes planning, for our next mission. SIFF Sugar Hit? Drinks? Karaoke? House Party? Gimme a time and date, and I’m there. Can’t wait!



2 responses to “Heap

  1. Maggie October 15, 2009 at 11:56

    It’s THURSDAY … omgod. I wake up most days all eyeball-stabby – why can’t tomorrow come fast enough!!

    We had two ice cream cakes and a pavlova cake in the office in the space of an hour. I was so creamed up with goodness it wasn’t funny. I’ve decided eating is an underrated activity ❤

    • debbii October 15, 2009 at 13:44

      It’s ONLY Thursday!!!

      Nomz was hysterically laughing in her sleep this morning, she’s literally going crazy… no joke! HAHAHAH! Ice cream cake, I LOVE! Sugar hits are necessary every now and then at work…

      Eating IS an underrated activity! If only there were no consequences to over eating… I’d most likely eat just about anything and everything in my way. In fact, the Night Noodle Markets are currently on in Hyde Park, as well as a Yum Cha Festival in Ashfield tomorrow evening! ❤

      Can't wait for the weekend so I can drown my sorrows in some food–I mean alcohol… or even both!


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