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What a corker of a weekend! It’s the last week of October already, Halloween on Saturday anyone?

This past weekend kicked off on Friday with a massive (and I literally mean, MASSIVE) dinner at Maya Tandoori with a few work colleagues. We ate soooooo much! TOO MUCH, and if you ever wondered why at Indian restaurants they don’t give you a lot, it’s cause, one, you will barely finish it; and two, their curries are unbelievably heavy and rich therefore the small portion size and you know what, they’re right! I was literally gasping for air after consuming shit loads of food in the one sitting, was on the verge of explosion if anyone were to poke me at the very moment! PHEW.

After dinner, we all headed to a nearby bar, Bar Cleveland to drown our sorrows in some much needed alcohol. Actually, I take that back, we didn’t need alcohol, nor did we have any sorrows to drown, but it’s a Friday night, and a drink or two to kick of the weekend seemed to be on the menu, so why the hell not. =)

Daniel and Anna piked early so the rest of us just sat back and conversed the night away before heading home around midnight.

I, for starters, konked out at 1 whilst Nomis stayed up til 3 on the internet and watching TV – yay for crappy ass reality tv shows that are an absolute joke but still pull viewers like ourselves in! =D

Saturday proved to be a super SUPER SUPER … super underwhelming and slobby day, not that it bothered me but HOT DAMN, the weather was so nice and it was gone to waste compared to the horrible shit ass weather that bestowed upon Sydney the following day – Sunday (which was an active day, hence we needed the good weather)!!!

A world record was achieved family record was achieved by yours truly, Naomi; FOR the most unproductive day ever; COMPLETED SUCCESFULLY BY being awake for 6 hours in the span of 31 hours.

Here’s how:
SAT 24/10 0300-1345 SLEEP = 10 hours and 45 minutes
SAT 24/10 1345-1945 AWAKE = 6 hours
SAT 24/10 1945-1000 SLEEP = 14 hours and 15 minutes (SAT through to SUN)
TOTAL hours of inactivity/hibernation = 25 hours
TOTAL hours of cooking, eating, watching tv and socialising = 6 hours

Justification: “I’m making the most of it. Once I move back home, my mummah ain’t gonna let me sleep in like this, she’d chop me into pieces, and so my head went that way and my legs went that way.”

Fair point.

I still love you, even if you hibernate like a sloth. Ha ha~



One response to “Bomboniere

  1. beauty in imperfection~ October 27, 2009 at 18:00

    ahahhaha omgggg i love your table. biatrhchhhhhhhhhhh

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