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Sunday.. *sigh* Sunday was wet, windy, cold but not cold, miserable… not accounting the fact that I, the dumbass, lost my phone! Where? I don’t know, I’m guessing it was at the Stratty station when I was tackling the non-moving travelator to catch the train when my little mini brick decided it was time to leave me! GRSSS. So there I was, on the train, tired and phone less. After countless tries trying to contact my little brick and guilt tripping, heart felt messages to the stranger who scored a free brick that day, it was no use. An end of an era, ’twas time to say goodbye. Thanks for the memories Samsung D508 — even if I dropped you a kazillion times and even pancaked you between asphalt and my connies, it was a good solid 5 years… It looks like I’m just left with your umbilical cord… aka, phone charger.

samsung d508 sydney opera house

Phew, after my lost, Nomz and I arrived at Circular Quay ready to tackle the Opera House, the crowd (oh boy!) and the weather! We met up with DS and surveyed all the lines, hoping to choose the shortest and quickest one possible. Two minutes of lining up, and we’re being advised to scoot up the stairs into The Studio, Playhouse and Drama Theatre. Insert touristy comment here : “OMG, I’M IN THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE… COOOOOOOOOOOL!! AWESOME!! WOWWWWWWWW!”. Straight after the short tour, Nomz and DS needed their caffeine dosage of the day, so we had a mini break, got caffeined up before tackling the next tour. (Three tours in total).

Luckily for us, I got “Priority Passes” where we get to bypass EVERYONE and go straight through into the Opera Theatre and Concert Hall… SCORE!! We climb the stairs and proceed to the first room – Utzon Room where a pianist was playing the piano to a small crowd of people, a trail of spectators appreciating his talents, as well as taking in the view of the harbour made possible by the wall of windows… pity the weather was rather grey and moody in stark contrast to the buzz inside the Utzon Room.

Next stop: the Opera Theatre with the Mikado set on stage! And the orchestra area down stairs… COOOOOOOOOL!

opera theatre mikado hall sydney opera house

opera theatre mikado hall sydney opera house

opera theatre mikado hall sydney opera house

And finally, the Concert Hall! Wow, when will I ever get the chance to step foot into this place ever again? Well, I probably could come back if I wanted to watch a performance here, but not anytime soon! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.. or not. One word to some up the hall? “Awesomesauce!!!” – courtesy of platonic blogger friend – ooh, my first blog plug – HA HA!

concert hall sydney opera house

Once we reach the end, we bail out on the remaining tour (I.e. backstage tour) and proceed on getting some food at the Lowenbrau, only to be sidetracked for 15minutes by these fellas on unicycles. (Forgot their group name and website… fail!)

opera house

The Oktoberfest was on at the Lowenbrau (although I don’t think it would’ve made a huge difference if it wasn’t Oktoberfest due to crapola weather); we proceeded downstairs to shy away from the weather and got ourselves into the food and the beer… oh the beeeeeeeeeeeeer! Straight after the Lowenbrau, we attempted to shop down George St but was denied by many.. MANY closed door signs and reverted to another beer bar.. Belgian Bier Cafe. Yayer!

Chilled there for a couple of hours before heading back home, asked the ticketing man at Strathfield if anyone turned in a phone, but no. Game over for sure.

And that my friends and readers, was my Sunday. What’s on this weekend?! MJ This Is It on Friday night; if the weather permits, a trip to Taronga Zoo (YAYER – oh how excited I am!), dinner on Saturday night – I might try Harry De Wheels (so I can mark it off my to eat list, haha!) AND possibly a trip to the beach to see the sea sculptures! Bring it on weekenddddddddddd!!



2 responses to “D508

  1. Maggie October 30, 2009 at 11:33


    Dude I’ve been in the Concert Hall – I saw Ben Folds end of August earlier this year. So much love and awesome. I think I also Hamlet last year – forgot if it was Concert Hall or somewhere else. And I saw Taming of The Shrew last week – wow, I see a lot of shows at Opera House hahahah..

    Belgian Beer Cafe has half-priced mussels on Wednesdays after 5pm!!!! Do I sense a blogger date? OHOHOHOH xDD

    I think my friends are hitting up Sculptures tomorrow for a photoshoot – I don’t know if my snot monster will permit me to go. UGH.

    Thanks for the plug!! ❤

    Holy fricktards, longest comment ever. We need to stop hanging out/stalking. Not that we do – don't? Hrm.. SO JI SUBBBBBB!!

    It's Friday!! I'm at work!! *sadface*

    • debbii October 30, 2009 at 12:24

      YAY, comment! LOL, how i LOVE.

      Oh sweet! I’ve never been inside the Opera House… but things will have to change soon methinks!!

      Half priced mussels… WOOT! Blogger date? I’m in! Sounds like funnnnnn, in fact, theres also all you can eat mussels AND CHUNKY FRIES at Bungalow 8 every Tuesday lunch and dinner for $22.50.. and all you can eat mussels at the helm bar for $19.95 every Wed and Thurs… I did my research.. LOL!

      Photoshoot! Oh I’m jealous, hope your snot monster decides to take a back seat for the weekend as the weather is in favour for photoshoots to last the whole weekend! Psst, no soompi shoot anytime soon? xD

      It IS Friday, and I’m at work too! *frown* But it IS almost lunchtime.. wooooot! Hang in thereeeeeee!

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