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It’s that day again, that everyone so dreads… Monday … *groans*

Went to watch ‘This Is It’ on Friday night (yayers!), and wow… MJ is pure music genius prodigy. There is one and will only ever be one MJ – King of Pop! If you haven’t seen it, go watch it!

Saturday.. Saturday… OH, did a little shopping at Bondi Junction, got a floppy tee for random outings (to cover my pretruding belly, OH THE HORROR!), headed to Bondi Beach in search for Sculptures by the Sea, failed to find the sculptures (where is it? I probably didn’t look hard enough), and settled for dinner at Hurricanes to calm the grumbling tummies. Oh how I love thy meat and ribs… yes, I am a self confessed carnivore and carboholic, it can’t be helped!

And finally, yesterday entailed a trip to the Taronga Zoo courtesy of Kellogg’s buy one get one free deal (booyah!). Sucks that GETTING there was a major pain in the ^#~!@%& @$$!!!! Hate.. hate.. HATE Sydney traffic and roads and transportation altogether. Why must everything be so far away? Or expensive? Grrr >=/

Weather was awesome for a zoo outing, and the view of the harbour from the zoo, spectacular! I felt like I was in Madagascar cause all the cast was out on show. Alex the lion was napping in the shade, Marty the Zebra was meditating with his ass to the crowd whilst wagging his tail every now and then, Melman the giraffe was chomping down carrots whilst taking happy snaps with kids, and Gloria the hippo was chowing down food and waddling around in her pen. Standout animals for the day, gorillas and meerkats! Oh fatso the wombat! And seals and elephants! Plus the koala and kangaroos! Oh, they’re all so cute! No pandas though… BUT there ARE giant pandas in Adelaide.. and they will be there for the next 10 years! *rub hands gleefully* Can’t wait to see those gentle giants!!

Then, we’re back to today… I’m sleepy, sore all over and cbb. Counting down to the weekend! 4 more days to go!



2 responses to “Creatives

  1. Island November 4, 2009 at 16:47

    Hooray for zoo!
    I went with my friends last time because our primary goal was to see the baby elephant but unfortunately it was too young and still needed its time with its mother 😦 I was soo cut because that was the only reason why we wanted to go to the zoo lol but we still had a good time watching the animal shows =D

    • debbii November 4, 2009 at 21:26

      Dude, the zoo is awesome! I never remember it being this awesome… lol!

      Luk Chai… he was so cute… but at least you got to watch the animal shows, I didn’t catch any. =P

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