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My weekend is just about over… phew! Good food and great company… AND a slice from home. That’s all I need really.

We’ve been eating out every single day for almost an entire week without fail.

Oh my poor pocket… hahaha!

Lets’ kick off with Friday:

  • A spontaneity spark saw us celebrating H’s birthday along with our fellow work colleagues out at Milliore enjoying a hotpot, some lemon soju and raspberry wine… YUM!
  • Dessert at Passionflower followed shortly partnered with an indepth pyscho analysis by the unqualified DS.


  • T aka the Morning Lover touched down in Sydney on Saturday morning.
  • Before chaffeuring her back from the airport, Nomz and I proceeded to the Sass and Bide sale – OMG, BEST SALE EVER. Scored 2 pairs of jeans for $30 each! YAYERS!
  • Picked up the Morning Lover from the airport and headed straight to Adriano Zumbo.
  • Bought LOTS of his special birthday macarons – and boy were some of the flavours out of this world or what! Vegemite sourdough, bacon maple syrup, black truffle, toasted marshmallow, chuppa chup, french toast, and then more of the “acceptable” flavours – golden gaytime, blackcurrant and fig, green tea and pistachio, strawberries and cream, etc. Unfortunately, we all found Adriano Zumbo’s cafe to be way overrated; it was clear that our expectations didn’t match up to the hype surrounding the place.
  • Stopped over at the Adriano Zumbo cafe and ordered an iced coffee, mocktail juice thing and an iced dark chocolate. All were mediocre and definitely not special, coffee too strong, juice too overpowering with ginger and dark choclate – meh.
  • Picked up a Pepito and plain crossaint (almond crossaints all sold out – much to Nomz disappointment), again, quite overrated and nothing special. At least now, we can all tick it off our list, been there done that!
  • Lunch time – back to Milliore… hehhehe!
  • More shopping at DFO – scored myself 2 PA bottoms (huzzah) and a Country Road cardigan.
  • Dropped the Morning Lover at her aunt’s house.
  • Struggled to navigate to a Laos restaurant in Fairfield, had a delicious and light dinner.
  • Arrived home and konked out on the living room floor before lugging oneself into bed.

milliore naeng myeon
Naeng Myeon

adriano zumbo macarons patisserie
Macarons galore!

lao village chicken feet salad


  • Picked up Adelaidian acquaintant now turned hilariously funny friend at the airport.
  • Proceeded to Bondi for some brunch but got side tracked and ventured into the S&B sale in Moore park. (AGAIN!)
  • Picked up another pair of jeans (now conviniently turned into shorts) for $20! Everything was now going for $20! *massive droolage*
  • Finally, back on the road to Bondi for what was supposed to be brunch, now lunch.
  • Lunch at Cafe Max. Food was mediocre and service was shat and confuzzled.
  • More shopping at Bondi Junction.
  • Contemplated whether to eat more or not (lunch wasn’t filling), caved in and got myself a bread roll but then that got taken by third Adelaidian who joined us at Bondi Junction. Le sigh. He ain’t gonna live that one down!!!
  • Home.
  • Dinner at Wagaya, oh nom nom nom~
  • Dessert at San Churro
  • Walkies at the Rocks and taking goofy photos.


  • Dinner at Thai Pothong.
  • Late night karaoke.. “…If you could see that I’m the one who understands you, been here all along, so why can’t you see? You belong with me…


  • Dinner at Mamak.
  • Desserts at Chat Thai.
  • Patbingsoo at Stratty Square Cafe.
  • Encounter cute new kid on the block who performs magic tricks for us – free of charge! LOL.
  • Home.


  • Adelaidians heading home.. booooooo!
  • Oh.. fire alarm at work! // false alarm.. aeish!

OVERALL, smashing time!

Love you guys, can’t wait to hang with youse in a months time!!

Pics to come after I get me some sleeeeeeeeeeep!



4 responses to “Bleachers

  1. Maggie November 13, 2009 at 09:31

    I always get so damn hungry reading your posts. I WANT ME SOME MACAROONS!! And omgoshhh naeng myeon. Thai Pothong, hells yeah. Bondi Junction shoppage can get expensive – even if it’s just window shopping. Erghh.. did you manage to go to the 60-flavours macaroon event at Adriano Lumbo last week? BRB drooling.

    Oh hey, it’s Friday the 13th!

    • debbii November 13, 2009 at 10:26

      Good morning! You’re early! LOL.

      I didn’t go to his birthday event, but I did go the day after and they still had a lot of macarons left. Nhom nhom~

      Weekend is almost here! Yayerrrrrrr.


  2. Island November 14, 2009 at 18:46

    Adriano Zumbo, hmm, is it really overrated? I’m always hearing so much goss about that place so umm, I guess so? haha

    I agree with Maggie LOL
    Staring at those pics are making my eyes water haha

    • debbii November 14, 2009 at 19:43

      I think it is, but I think it’s one of those places where you’ve just got to go, a been there done that thing.

      Fooooood, oh how I love food. More to come! Lol.. I have a backlog of catching up to do. Le sigh. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. =D

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