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On the verge of sleep walking methinks… -.-

Quick recap of the last week or so! Gah… I’m so behind on photos, makes me sad. =(


  • The Adelaidians headed home.


  • Creative behind the Lens Photography exhibition at the MCA. Roof top mingle with photos on display, canapes and drinks! Oh, how fun it was! =D


  • Dinner at Emma’s on Liberty (Lebanese food) with work colleagues. Food was mediocre, service was friendly, restaurant seating is tight and value for money and food portion sizes? RIDICULOUS! Expensive meal, serving sizes are beyond ridiculous, not happy Jan. >=(
  • Comedic actJo Koy at the enmore theatre! LOVE, absolute LOVE.
  • After the show, scored a photo, an autograph AND a kiss in chronological order! Yayer!


  • Thai touches down in Syd escaping the November heatwave in Adel… ewww!!
  • We trek up north to Warriewood Beach hoping to go paragliding!
  • Weather prevented us from doing so…. T_T
  • Rested at home before heading out to Thai Pothong for dinner (again!).
  • Finding parking was an absolute bitch. BITCH. I hate finding parking in Sydney, it is the utmost worse… grsssssssssss.
  • After half an hour, we FINALLY find a park.
  • Dinner was had.
  • We go drivies to the city in hopes of finding a park to see Passion perform!!!
  • Again, finding parking in Sydney is horrid and we end up going home. No passion for me… le sigh.


  • DFO but scored nothing this time around – a good thing considering all the monies that I’ve spent in the last two weeks. My poor monies.
  • Glebe St fair
  • Bondi – trekked through the Sculpture by the Sea route.. CRAZY walk, got visually educated – pure awesomeness. Needed to be visually stimulated!
  • Attempted to get a table at Hurricanes but a one hour wait was enough to send us elsewhere.
  • Went to Strathfield, got a park (OMFGYES!!!), got a table at Bassim and happily stuffed ourselves with Korean BBQ goodness.
  • Pit stop at Woolies to get some snacks, gots home, made lunch for work, booked flights home (OMGTHEDATEISSET!!), watched a bit of “The Ugly Truth” and proceeded to bed.


  • Dindinz at Wagaya
  • Saw James Mathison at Wagaya and freaked him out by saying “Hello!

That is all. Phew!

Photos to slowly come.



4 responses to “Wristwatch

  1. Island November 16, 2009 at 11:56

    Seems like you had an awesome weekend =D
    I went out and ate so much during the weekend that I think I can starve for this whole week haha.

    Booo, it’s Monday. I’m bored again.

    • debbii November 16, 2009 at 12:17

      Awesome weekend was had, but I am soooooooooooooo tired. I’ve eaten out so much this year, I can probably starve for the next few years to come! But knowing me, I can’t be denied fooooooooooooooood. Hahahha!

      Where’d you go eat? I assume that uni is over for you and you’re on holidays? I’m sooooooooo jealous!


  2. Maggie November 23, 2009 at 10:27

    ASJKGHSJKLGH – tell me about it!! Parking in the city is complete craptards. I repeat, CRAPTARDS!!! FARK.
    Ooft, I went Sculptures too that weekend!! We went around sunset and I finally used up my roll of film – cept I have to send it off to Woop Woop to get it developed cuz it’s Ilford el special filmz. Hunting for a toy camera on ebay along with an epic box camera at the moment lalalala..

    • debbii November 23, 2009 at 14:54

      Yeah tell me about it… parking in the city sucks balls every time. GRSSS… and then taxi-ing around the city is expensive too… oh my poor monies!

      Oh yeahs?! I went around sunset toooooooooooo, lol. Those sculptures are so pretty, I’ve yet to post process the photos. Boo, can’t wait to see what shots you got!

      And the cameras that you’re stalking on ebay look hot as… I want one! >=)

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