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define me in any way you know how.

Typical Tuesday

I’m hoping to have a really mellow and low key week and weekend these coming days… I’m all weekended out… is that even possible?

Again, a quick recap:


  • Britney Concert – yeah yeah, she mimes and lip synchs and blah blah blah. But hey, once you get past that, the show was very entertaining. The dancers are… SO FREAKING UNBELIEVABLY HOT!! ❤ Makes me want to starve… ha!
  • Jia from Kaba Modern totally rocked it… wooooooooot!


  • Hotpot dinner and a night out with friends from Syd and Adel


  • Recovering from the aftermath
  • Met up with Hannah who’s in town for the weekend
  • Another night out with the boys from Adel


  • Again, another recovery in progress


  • Meh
  • First time buying groceries and cooking in 3 weeks… o.O


  • Happy birthday C!! Will celebrate with you in a months time! Possibly cooped in front of the air con? =D



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