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Monthly Archives: December 2009


Aeish.. it’s been well over a week since I’ve moved back and not much has really happened.

The weather in Adelaide is horrible, almost on the verge of untolerable! It’s so hot, the heat outside is stifling, it’s so quiet, my laptops contracted a virus and is unusable which means I’m pc-less and internet-less… which ultimately means, I AM DISCONNECTED FROM WHAT I LIKE TO CALL, CIVILISATION. *insert tears and sad face here*

Nevertheless, life is good! I’m jobbed, I’ve stopped paying rent, paid the last of my bills from the east coast and have nose dived into apple cult. Yes, I have an iphone and will be getting an imac at half the retail price! (It was too hard to say no to!)

Christmas eve was awesome, spent the day at Nomz house, had a massive family and friends dinner and opened pressies at midnight. Christmas on the other hand, was quite the opposite and was spent like any other day, excluding the fact that I could have lived in the freezer if it were possible… and if I could have fit. I have managed to catch up with a handful of friends (yay), but have yet to have a night out with them as they are either on holiday or working through the holidays. BOO!

NYE is creeping around the corner and there goes by another year! Plans for NYE guys? I guess I’ll be going with the flow this year and see where it takes me.

Laptop recovery should be imminent, and when that happens, PHOTOS to share… oh so many photos!



Merry Christmas

Hi readers!

Merry Christmas! Hope ya’ll have a great and festive time with your family and friends.

Also, good news! Nomz and I have scored ourselves a job and will be starting working once the new year arrives! Booyashaka!

Happy holidays!



Oh crap me… I am sooooooooooo behind on back log. Le sigh.

It’s been a whirlwind these past few weeks, pics are going to have to wait for sure. PC is packed and no internets.

12/11 Friday

  • marked my last day at work – wootage! Scored myself basketball shorts and a photography book from workmates, thanks guys!
  • Met up with Adelaide friends and headed to Flow Fridays at Equilibrium.
  • Bed at 5 – eeeek!

12/12 Saturday

  • Met up with A-town crew for some lunch
  • shopping down Bondi Junction
  • pool and drinks at Star Bar and back at their apartment in the city for pre drinks.
  • Verandah Bar
  • Whilst the boys get some shut eye back at the apartment, a trio of us went to the Rocks to sober up.
  • Two ended up as casualties and snoozed away on the floor and car whilst I pulled an all nighter and watched the sunrise behind the Opera House down by the Rocks – Stunning! A shame the camera died a few hours before the sun peeked out!!!
  • Home by 11AM the next day – and cleaning was done… a lot of cleaning — no sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep -.-

12/13 Sunday

  • Boys came over -played cards and rested up before flying back home.
  • One crashed over so dinner at Habibs was in action and a horror movie to end the night off.
  • Bed at 2

12/14 Monday

  • Brunch in Flemington
  • Chores, chores and chores
  • FB hacking in action… hahaha!
  • Dinner at Bar Luck in Cabramatta
  • As friend goes back home, Dung arrives in Sydney and massive MASSIVE packing is in place til the wee hours of the morning.
  • Bed at 4

12/15 Tuesday

  • Removalists arrive at 7am and as everyone has KOed, they were left waiting for a undisclosed amount of time… SORRY!!!
  • Apartment is SLIGHTLY empty
  • More packing and cleaning
  • Bed at 2

12/16 Wednesday

  • Last minute Christmas shopping
  • More packing and cleaning
  • Bed at 3

12/17 Thursday

  • Lunch with K – patbingsooooooo, nhom nhom~
  • Dinner with MT – wagaya, mMmmmmmmmmmm~
  • Coffee with house family at Stratty Square Cafe – scored a pic with cute waiter!! Mwahaha, coffee prince? LOL.
  • More packing and cleaning
  • Loading the car up… oh em geeeeee
  • Bed at 3.30

12/18 Friday

  • Dropped car off to get transported back home
  • Cancelled lunch reservation at Assiette cause stupid ass effing carpet cleaning company came 3 hours too late without notification. – I am still extremely bitter about this… AKJFDNJA!
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner involved a banana, handfuls of chips, chocolate, crackers and dip and japchae, dukbokgi, bulgogi, kalbi, soju and cake.
  • Saw a few casualties during and after dinner. Sorry guys! You won’t remember it today! Hahahaha…
  • Bed at 4

12/19 Saturday

  • Last minute cleaning and packing
  • Goodbye apartment, goodbye Strathfield – le sigh.
  • Still half a day to goooooo…


Marshmallow Man

I feel lerthagic from being so behind on blog posts and piccies.. blah… and to not feel boggled down with lack of blog updates, I’m going along with the dot point summary. Again.


  • Free dinner at Bankstown Sports Club <== that place is spiffy as! I feel like I’m in Vegas… schweeeet! Thanks H and N!
  • Re watched Up cause it just oozes out awesomeness


  • Early train to Newcastle
  • Hogs Breath Cafe.. MMmmmm
  • Trekked a freaking mountain
  • Went swimming on a white sandy beach with crystal clear blue water — pretty~
  • Got sun burnt… giauhfnkadjnfkaj!!!
  • Unexpectedly spent the night in Newcastle


  • More beach lounging around, only this time, I was covered from head to toe! Oh snap yeah!
  • Trained the last train home
  • Bed at 1… aeishhhhh!


  • Blogger date at Doori.. mwahahah! MT’s almost like my long lost twin sister… bordering on scary!
  • Thanks dudeeeeeee! =D

Overall, a nice relaxing weekend getaway. Thanks to everyone involved… lol!



Oh boy, ’twas another weekend where I ate myself silly. This is clearly not a healthy addiction!

Friday saw Nomz, myself plus one off to Sushi Tengoku aka Sushi thang khong co cu… HAHAHAHHA. It’s safe to say that you better have one whopping appetite to tackle this eatery with absolute no service and aircon… just a really dingy looking home turned eatery with massive servings of sushi, sashimi and all that good stuff. Lets just safely assume that the three of us were literally on the verge of sushi overdose aka food coma aka, don’t touch me, don’t poke me, don’t make me laugh or I WILL throw up on you.

We didn’t get home til about midnight… which was when we put our cleaning skills into action. Vaccuumed, wiped, cleaned, scrubbed, washed… spring cleaning at midnight. Who does thatttt?! Oh right, we did – in preparation for a friend to crash over for the weekend. Phew!

Once as forementioned friend arrived, we headed to the city for yum cha at Marigold. Again, we were on the verge of ANOTHER food coma and we have yet to recover from the coma from the previous night! We all stumbled out of Marigold with ballooned up bellies and was on the lookout for a bar/pub for a cold refreshing beer. One beer at one bar, turned into another beer at another bar… and then a soju at Arisun. Unintentional bar hopping. FAIL.

It was close to 530pm and we were going to be late if we were going to make it to our 6pm Hurricanes booking down at Bondi. Seeing that two out of three of us were on the tipsy side and would find walking back to the car a slight struggle, we hopped into a taxi and made our way to Bondi. (Which two you ask of? I’ll leave that up to you to decide). After a full rack of ribs and a bottle of wine, the three of us lounged down by the beach and watched the clouds float by… it wasn’t long before the stars came out and the night life at Bondi was in full swing. Time to dust ourselves off and cab it back to the city.

We karaoked the night away, got some Macca’s on the way home and off to bed.. whether it be the floor, couch or bed. S’ll the same.

Thank gosh for Sunday – recovery day! Some food at Cab, some movies at home, coffee and patbingsoo at night and drivies back home for the friend. Oh oh, I saw charismatic waiter again! *massive grin* LOL