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Oh boy, ’twas another weekend where I ate myself silly. This is clearly not a healthy addiction!

Friday saw Nomz, myself plus one off to Sushi Tengoku aka Sushi thang khong co cu… HAHAHAHHA. It’s safe to say that you better have one whopping appetite to tackle this eatery with absolute no service and aircon… just a really dingy looking home turned eatery with massive servings of sushi, sashimi and all that good stuff. Lets just safely assume that the three of us were literally on the verge of sushi overdose aka food coma aka, don’t touch me, don’t poke me, don’t make me laugh or I WILL throw up on you.

We didn’t get home til about midnight… which was when we put our cleaning skills into action. Vaccuumed, wiped, cleaned, scrubbed, washed… spring cleaning at midnight. Who does thatttt?! Oh right, we did – in preparation for a friend to crash over for the weekend. Phew!

Once as forementioned friend arrived, we headed to the city for yum cha at Marigold. Again, we were on the verge of ANOTHER food coma and we have yet to recover from the coma from the previous night! We all stumbled out of Marigold with ballooned up bellies and was on the lookout for a bar/pub for a cold refreshing beer. One beer at one bar, turned into another beer at another bar… and then a soju at Arisun. Unintentional bar hopping. FAIL.

It was close to 530pm and we were going to be late if we were going to make it to our 6pm Hurricanes booking down at Bondi. Seeing that two out of three of us were on the tipsy side and would find walking back to the car a slight struggle, we hopped into a taxi and made our way to Bondi. (Which two you ask of? I’ll leave that up to you to decide). After a full rack of ribs and a bottle of wine, the three of us lounged down by the beach and watched the clouds float by… it wasn’t long before the stars came out and the night life at Bondi was in full swing. Time to dust ourselves off and cab it back to the city.

We karaoked the night away, got some Macca’s on the way home and off to bed.. whether it be the floor, couch or bed. S’ll the same.

Thank gosh for Sunday – recovery day! Some food at Cab, some movies at home, coffee and patbingsoo at night and drivies back home for the friend. Oh oh, I saw charismatic waiter again! *massive grin* LOL



2 responses to “Unnecessary

  1. Maggie December 1, 2009 at 13:41

    Every outing you have sounds like a food excursion. Which is all kinds of awesome =)
    It’s Tuesday but it feels like Monday, mostly because I am freakin’ tired-as – dude email me so we can Facebook each other and be all ‘OMGOSH SO YOU’RE MAGGIE/YOU’RE DEBBII” then we blogger date and shizzle and you can show me your cute waiter!!!

    I vote you the tipsy one ahahahah.. food comas are both good and bad in equal proportions. Erghhhh

  2. beauty in imperfection~ December 1, 2009 at 22:32


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