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Marshmallow Man

I feel lerthagic from being so behind on blog posts and piccies.. blah… and to not feel boggled down with lack of blog updates, I’m going along with the dot point summary. Again.


  • Free dinner at Bankstown Sports Club <== that place is spiffy as! I feel like I’m in Vegas… schweeeet! Thanks H and N!
  • Re watched Up cause it just oozes out awesomeness


  • Early train to Newcastle
  • Hogs Breath Cafe.. MMmmmm
  • Trekked a freaking mountain
  • Went swimming on a white sandy beach with crystal clear blue water — pretty~
  • Got sun burnt… giauhfnkadjnfkaj!!!
  • Unexpectedly spent the night in Newcastle


  • More beach lounging around, only this time, I was covered from head to toe! Oh snap yeah!
  • Trained the last train home
  • Bed at 1… aeishhhhh!


  • Blogger date at Doori.. mwahahah! MT’s almost like my long lost twin sister… bordering on scary!
  • Thanks dudeeeeeee! =D

Overall, a nice relaxing weekend getaway. Thanks to everyone involved… lol!



2 responses to “Marshmallow Man

  1. Maggie December 11, 2009 at 14:33

    MARSHMALLOW MAN!! Not the Ghostbusters’ version right? LOL xD
    Dude I just ate two sausage sangers thanks to the free sausage sizzle we had a work just now. Sooo full, but sooo damn good!!
    We seriously should’ve started hanging out wayy before you move away. How troublesome!
    UP!! Russell is the marshmallow man, right?? I want to eat him, he’s so cute xD
    Okay, I’m done.

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