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Oh crap me… I am sooooooooooo behind on back log. Le sigh.

It’s been a whirlwind these past few weeks, pics are going to have to wait for sure. PC is packed and no internets.

12/11 Friday

  • marked my last day at work – wootage! Scored myself basketball shorts and a photography book from workmates, thanks guys!
  • Met up with Adelaide friends and headed to Flow Fridays at Equilibrium.
  • Bed at 5 – eeeek!

12/12 Saturday

  • Met up with A-town crew for some lunch
  • shopping down Bondi Junction
  • pool and drinks at Star Bar and back at their apartment in the city for pre drinks.
  • Verandah Bar
  • Whilst the boys get some shut eye back at the apartment, a trio of us went to the Rocks to sober up.
  • Two ended up as casualties and snoozed away on the floor and car whilst I pulled an all nighter and watched the sunrise behind the Opera House down by the Rocks – Stunning! A shame the camera died a few hours before the sun peeked out!!!
  • Home by 11AM the next day – and cleaning was done… a lot of cleaning — no sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep -.-

12/13 Sunday

  • Boys came over -played cards and rested up before flying back home.
  • One crashed over so dinner at Habibs was in action and a horror movie to end the night off.
  • Bed at 2

12/14 Monday

  • Brunch in Flemington
  • Chores, chores and chores
  • FB hacking in action… hahaha!
  • Dinner at Bar Luck in Cabramatta
  • As friend goes back home, Dung arrives in Sydney and massive MASSIVE packing is in place til the wee hours of the morning.
  • Bed at 4

12/15 Tuesday

  • Removalists arrive at 7am and as everyone has KOed, they were left waiting for a undisclosed amount of time… SORRY!!!
  • Apartment is SLIGHTLY empty
  • More packing and cleaning
  • Bed at 2

12/16 Wednesday

  • Last minute Christmas shopping
  • More packing and cleaning
  • Bed at 3

12/17 Thursday

  • Lunch with K – patbingsooooooo, nhom nhom~
  • Dinner with MT – wagaya, mMmmmmmmmmmm~
  • Coffee with house family at Stratty Square Cafe – scored a pic with cute waiter!! Mwahaha, coffee prince? LOL.
  • More packing and cleaning
  • Loading the car up… oh em geeeeee
  • Bed at 3.30

12/18 Friday

  • Dropped car off to get transported back home
  • Cancelled lunch reservation at Assiette cause stupid ass effing carpet cleaning company came 3 hours too late without notification. – I am still extremely bitter about this… AKJFDNJA!
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner involved a banana, handfuls of chips, chocolate, crackers and dip and japchae, dukbokgi, bulgogi, kalbi, soju and cake.
  • Saw a few casualties during and after dinner. Sorry guys! You won’t remember it today! Hahahaha…
  • Bed at 4

12/19 Saturday

  • Last minute cleaning and packing
  • Goodbye apartment, goodbye Strathfield – le sigh.
  • Still half a day to goooooo…



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