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Aeish.. it’s been well over a week since I’ve moved back and not much has really happened.

The weather in Adelaide is horrible, almost on the verge of untolerable! It’s so hot, the heat outside is stifling, it’s so quiet, my laptops contracted a virus and is unusable which means I’m pc-less and internet-less… which ultimately means, I AM DISCONNECTED FROM WHAT I LIKE TO CALL, CIVILISATION. *insert tears and sad face here*

Nevertheless, life is good! I’m jobbed, I’ve stopped paying rent, paid the last of my bills from the east coast and have nose dived into apple cult. Yes, I have an iphone and will be getting an imac at half the retail price! (It was too hard to say no to!)

Christmas eve was awesome, spent the day at Nomz house, had a massive family and friends dinner and opened pressies at midnight. Christmas on the other hand, was quite the opposite and was spent like any other day, excluding the fact that I could have lived in the freezer if it were possible… and if I could have fit. I have managed to catch up with a handful of friends (yay), but have yet to have a night out with them as they are either on holiday or working through the holidays. BOO!

NYE is creeping around the corner and there goes by another year! Plans for NYE guys? I guess I’ll be going with the flow this year and see where it takes me.

Laptop recovery should be imminent, and when that happens, PHOTOS to share… oh so many photos!



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