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The year that was

Oh wow, 2009 just flew by didn’t it?! A quick… or not so quick recap shall follow……. now!

What I’ve discovered about myself during 2009:

  • I really really really like food, maybe a little too much
  • I will eat almost anything
  • I can cook
  • I did not bake enough
  • I gained weight – a lot of it
  • I enjoy clean beaches – hello Bondi and Newcastle!
  • I get sunburnt easily
  • I will still survive without Korean dramas
  • I did not watch enough Korean dramas
  • I did not watch enough movies
  • I like to talk
  • I am completely oblivious to hot looking people, be it men or women
  • I can’t sing but will try to anyways
  • I like scotch and green tea, is that a crime?
  • I can have battles with cockroaches
  • I like to meet new people
  • I like Strathfield, yes I do
  • I don’t associate myself with people I don’t like, yes that’s right, I’m looking at you!
  • I know there’s more, but that’s all for now =)

What a year it was… I kicked off 09 with my bestie back in my home town in Adel before heading back to Sydney for work… eww work! Speaking of, I resigned from THAT job and scored another with Nomz at a web design company for the latter part of the year.. (oh snap yeah! Web designer right here!). I was fortunate to meet a handful of awesome workmates who have now become close friends who I still keep in touch with (yeah, I’m that good!); so you people, yes you! I’ll be seeing you when I hit it up in Sydney again… mwahahah! You can’t run away from me now! >=) Now, back to the beginning of the year, there were three of us: Dung, Nomz and myself… however within two weeks, there were only two left. Mister Dung made a decision and moved back home for a career opportunity which has worked out swell for him, so koodles to him! =D So pretty much, this whole entire year, there were two little asian girls left to fend for themselves. HA! I’m going to be modest and say, we kicked ass! We paid our bills, we were domesticated… and instead of starving ourselves due to incompetence and lack of cooking skills, we gained weight instead! Beat that parentals! Not only can we survive by ourselves without you, we know how to feed our appetites too! (Independent ladies right hereeeeeeee!)

This year saw me at a number of events such as tennis, concerts, festivals, tv show filmings, meets, comedic shows and exhibitions: Tennis Medibank International, Future Music Festival, Sound Relief, Coldplay, Good News Week, Soompi Meet, Corbis Photography exhibition, Jabbawockeez, Jo Koy, Britney Spears, ecetera, ecetera. What I’m really trying to say is, AWESOME year of entertainment, and 2010 will be just as good, if not better… I’m counting on you John Mayer and Michael Buble to hit it up in Adelaide.. and maybe Jo Koy too! If not, I might just have to fly up to Syd to catch you three years running! BTW, Russell Peters fans… he’s hitting up Sydney on the 12th of March at Acer Arena… yes… Acer effing Arena! GO. SEE. HIM. Cause I (un)fortunately will be saving my monies for bigger and better things. (I lie. I hope it’s for bigger and better things).

Psst, I know I may sound like I’m jumping all over the place, and I probably am but it’s 3 in the am… you can’t expect much with me while my brain’s partially fried from lack of sleep and being toasted in this intolerable heat over the past few days! (This is not an excuse. Really.)

Moving along, I may be one year older, slightly wiser, grown as a human being — for the good of human kind lets’ hope! But I’m still me… so for all those Adel people who think I’ve changed and become a Sydney sider who’s too cool for school, well… you can go stick it where the sun don’t shine. Cause you all know Sydney rocks. Just kidding! Not. Really. But what I’d really to say is this. No I am not the same person as I was 12 months ago, yes I have changed, but that does not mean that I have become a bitch and won’t talk to you cause:

  • you walk too slow
  • or drive like a grandpa, or
  • you’re not cool enough, or
  • you don’t have many friends, or
  • you don’t eat out, or
  • you sleep at 10pm, wtf?, or
  • all of the above.

I’ll still talk to you if all of the above applies, (yeah, cause I’m THAT nice — where is all this leading to?! Eeeek) but I have adopted some Sydney qualities — whether you like it or not… it was inevitable and I couldn’t exactly deny that pull that Sydney just laid upon me. HA! Oh shit me, I’m just going around in circles… or stupid ovals… point is! Adelaide, I know you’re known as sleepy town and I love you for it (kind of), BUT C’MON… people who are shopping and walking around in Rundle Mall…. MOVE IT! WALK FASTER, I don’t have all day to be tailgating you… MOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFF! Comprehende? And for all you drivers out there…. IT’S GREEN… PUSH YOUR BLOODY ACCELERATOR PEDAL. LIKE NOW GODDAMIT. No I am not impatient, wait… maybe I am, and then?

OHEMGEE, what I’m trying to say is, I have taken back some of the mentalities I learnt whilst living in Sydney, and you’re just going to have to deal with it. Phew! Yeah, all that rambling just to prove this minor point. Pssshhh…

The end of 09 saw the two little asian girls fending for themselves returning back home to their nests to start a new chapter in their lives. Yay for no more bills and rent but nay for loss of independence and no curfews and no reporting back to parentals and no nagging… Aeish! Like they say, that grass is always greener on the other side… you just gotta be content with the side that you’re on… no?

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Nomz for putting up with me ALL FREAKING YEAR! I love you, you are awesome, I would have your babies if I could. Wait, no… NO I would not. But I do love you, I’ll keep annoying you, seeing that you only live around the corner! Mwahaha, you can never rid yourself away from me! But all jokes aside, thanks for putting up with me, you are one awesome sister to have! No thank yous will never be enough for all that you’ve done for me.

Thanks to the parentals for letting me go! Even if I had to just pack up and leave and literally made you all miserable… haha! This year has taught me so much and to know that I can be independent on my own without your assistance has been such a wonderful and fulfilling experience… but guess what?! I’m backkkkkkkkk in your nest so haha to you (maybe not so much haha)… and shucks for me (please minus the nagging… really)! Love youseeee!

A huge shoutout to all my friends in Adel, thanks for the support, letters, emails, cards, gifts, phone calls! I missed you all dearly while I was away but now I’m back to annoy the hell out of you allllllllll!

And last but not least, all my new found friends in Sydney! You guys are awesome… AWESOME I tells you! I am so blessed to meet such lovely, friendly and helpful people over this short period of time but know that I will be seeing you all in the near future! I’m putting it out there… you’re inviting me to your wedding… oh boo snap yeah! Hahhaha! Thanks Ly for everything… literally, everything! Thanks Helena for keeping me posted on everything kpop as kpop is almost my everything as well as food, haha! Thanks Danny for always giving me a lift in your pimping ride of a car. Thanks to the crew at SS, spontaneous Friday night outs FTW! Thanks to my tennis buddy Karen for being just as awesome in real life as you are online, thanks Margaret for our short but sweet dates, you are awesome, can’t wait to catch up with you again… omghellsyeah!And thanks to Imogen, Karina and John at SPH for being awesome, friendly and helpful earthlings… Again, thank you all for making my time in Sydney THAT MUCH MORE BETTER. You will be missed dearly… so go hunt down $25.00 flights and camp out at my place… yes? YES? DEAL!

Finally, thanks Sydney for being good to me (most of the time)… the past year has been unforgetable, you are one crazy ass city with shit loads of people and cars and traffic, but you are awesome too. MINUS PARKING AND FUMES.

Woot, okay bedtime calls!

Happy new year everyone, hope this year brings you much success and happiness! 2010, bring it onnnnnnnnnn!



4 responses to “The year that was

  1. Maggie January 4, 2010 at 16:30

    [# I really really really like food, maybe a little too much
    # I will eat almost anything
    # I like scotch and green tea, is that a crime?
    # I can have battles with cockroaches
    # I like to meet new people
    # I like Strathfield, yes I do]
    ^ Hells yes to all of this! 2010 I am trying to wean myself off over-eating though!!

    Freakin’ hell, you’re funny – reading this in my head was like reading a fangirl account of exclamation marks at the end of every third word.


    We need to do another blogger date thing shiz and you should bring your buddies so I can meet more people and expand my indoctrination circle MUAHAHAHAH..

    [UT C’MON… people who are shopping and walking around in Rundle Mall…. MOVE IT! WALK FASTER, I don’t have all day to be tailgating you… MOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFF! Comprehende? And for all you drivers out there…. IT’S GREEN… PUSH YOUR BLOODY ACCELERATOR PEDAL. LIKE NOW GODDAMIT.]
    ^ LMAFOOOOOO – this is me exactly road-raging every time I get behind the wheel.


    I am listening to FT Island though they haven’t been active in a while. Dude, get your butt onto After School and T-ara xDD

    Jeepers, long comment. Again (and again and again and again.. *starts doing the 2PM swimming action dance thing*).

  2. debbii January 5, 2010 at 22:00

    I think I’m already on the T-ara band wagon even if I’ve heard only 2 of their songs! TTL <3!!

    Dude, you were at sound relief??!?! Did you get caught in the rainnnnnnn?!?! That was effing crazy! Coldplay were freaking awesome!! =D

    And another date we shall, hopefully sooner rather than later!

  3. beauty in imperfection~ January 9, 2010 at 23:04

    love you debbidoooooooooosssssssssssssss.

    more like thanks for putting up with my snitttttt hahahahahha

    catch ya sooonnnnnnnnnn xoxo

  4. beauty in imperfection~ January 9, 2010 at 23:05

    btw, did i say that i loved the recap… like totally loved. ahhahaha keep bloggin baby.

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