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No major updates on the happening life of thy self.

Managed a catch up with a friend last week for Japanese and resisted the urge to buy anything whilst in the city. However, I have not resisted that same urge with purchases online! Bought myself some accessories for thy apple iPhone (admit it, it’s a damn good phone!), a necklace and… a vintage camera! It is full of awesomeness and pics will definitely be up once I get my grimy little hands on it! Oh booyaaaaa~

I’ll be locking myself indoors for the most part, (damn you 43 degree celcius heat) but thankfully the tennis is on to keep me occupied! Did anyone catch Clijsters and Henin on tele last night? GREAT MATCH!! Oh and did I tell you, my laptop is finally reformatted, so once I get all the my favourite software installed, I’m ready to go! (As in, portfolio work, graphic battled, kdrama watching resumes… HAHAHA! All that good stuff)

It’s Monday tomorrow which will also mark my first day at work! Oh yeah, I can’t wait to keep myself busy while getting paid… wooooooot! Monies for more purchases… I like it!

Have a great night ya’ll!



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