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Nobody Knows

Good morn- afternoon I mean. Where has the day gone already? Aeish…

I survived my first week at work! Yayers, it’s been pretty good thus far, I’ve eased into things already and work is just cruisy now. Cut, copy and paste, I’ve got this down pat now. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh~

So I’ve gotten into two quabbles with my pop this week… *eye rollage*

One – about settling down. Um… how about a hells no? Not yet anyway. So please, my gosh, please stop hassling me, I’ve yet to grow up! Le sigh.

And two – I’m staying out after work on a Friday, let me be and just go to bed.


Anyhoos, had a great time last night! Did some minor shopping after work yesterday, (woot), met up with the girls for a bite to eat at Cafe Piatto, went walkies and then settled at Cocolat for some dessert – if you’re dropping by here, you might wanna stick with their ice creams, chocolate and drinks. Crepes were a major fail… FAIL! As all the girls proceeded home, Cecilia and I dropped by Fumo Blu as Hung happened to see us and called us to come drop by and say hi. So dropped by we did, and “hi” we did. =)

Overall, great night out! Can’t wait to do it again… hahaha, this post is so stale and boring. Blah, I’m gonna take my dog for a walk and give him a much needed bath.




One response to “Nobody Knows

  1. beauty in imperfection~ January 18, 2010 at 12:46

    hahahh REBEL REBEL!

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