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Anyone catch the AO today?

Sharapova out already?! GAH, I was dying at work whilst listening to the AO radio… what a huge upset. BOO!!! And Luczak and Nadal… 5-3 up in the first set, serving to take out the set… major brain implosion anyone? The match just went down hill from there… ah wells. Nadal, you’re on your way man! And Dokic and Kleybanova on atm… Dokic… meh.

Why must Hewitt and Molik be on tomorrow’s night session?!?!?! Bias much aussies? Hmphs! Gimme Fed during prime time yo!

On to other news, pay day is this week. Hallelujah!!! Needing the monies… oh and went to the Gilles Street markets on Sunday with Nomz and wow, they call that a market? Pssh… gimme Bondi and Glebe anyday… take me back to Sydney someone? Even just for a weekend so I can stuff myself at Wagaya, then explode my massive stomach with Passionflower or even San Churros. Gah… withdrawals!

Tuesday awaits for me tomorrow, that means, one more day closer to the weekendddddd!

Oh I forgot to mention, Macarons = success! Taste and texture, a-ok. Piping skills? Well… they need some major work! The macaron shells look more like a deflated soft cone. HA!



One response to “Luch

  1. Maggie January 19, 2010 at 11:44

    Yeah dude the first set killed me re: Nadal + Luczak.. seriously DD:
    I reeeeaaaallllyyyyy want Wagaya right now. Sooo hungry, I’m munching on Red Rock Deli trying to curb hunger & kill off hayfever. UGHHhhh…


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