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It’s been a very fast week, no? It’s Thursday already… oh hohohoho! Payday was yesterday but I got zilch from it as it’s all going towards a very pretty and shiny new laptop… oh mwahahah! One more full pay cheque and the laptop’s mine… I love shiny new things. WOOT!

Tennis fans last night, shall we unite and praise one of the best female players of all time, an unranked Henin managed to knock Dementieva ranked number 5 in the world out in round 2! Is she going to pull a Clijsters (USO 09)… I’m just jumping the gun here, but hot damn, the woman is only in her second tournament since her retirement and she’s playing at an incredible level. Doesn’t seem as if her backhand has gone rusty at all! It’s magic… magic!

BTW, big props to Tomic for pushing Cilic into a tight 5 setter. My eyes failed me so I did not last the whole match but I’m sure the crowd would’ve been a patriotic and boisterous one. Good for Tomic, not so good for Cilic. But nevertheless, huzzah!!!

GAHHHH, sucks they didn’t air Del Potro and Blakes match!!!! I’m going to have to find a torrent for that tight 5 setter… *Mr Burns finger taps*

AND FINALLY, Fed’s on tonight… booyashaka! You know who I’m rooting for? HELLSYEAH.

Good day!



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