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Grizzly bear Safin

Happy Sunday readers!

The tennis is definitely keeping me occupied and entertained and as a result, a great topic to blog about! We’re half way through the tournament already, nOOoooo!

Anyone had a chance to watch “Hit for Haiti” from last Sunday?! OHEMGEE, most entertaining charity match. EVER. Oh how my adoration for Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Roddick have grown even more so! Whoooshhhh! Whizzzz~

To beat Federer you need to be Nadal and run around like a rabbit and hit winners from all over the place. It’s another chance for me. But I think it’s just a little bit too difficult.” – Safin.

Anyone remember this from the Russian bear during a press conference at Wimby 2008 before he was to meet Fedex at the quarter finals… before that oh so epic match where Nadal triumphed over countless rain delays, a night lit sky and conquered in 5 tight sets?!

I present to you, the handsome, charismatic and racquet smashing – Marat Safin. Oh how I miss seeing thee on the tennis tournament!

marat safin

marat safin tennisPlease give me two minutes to wipe away the puddle of drool that accumulated on my keyboard.

marat safin australian open 2005 finals tennis marat safin australian open 2005 finals tennis
Oh how I loved the AO 2005! Epic epic match between Safin and Federer, and of course, Safin taking out the slam against Aussies own Hewitt. ❤

marat safin, tommy haasOh and Nghi, this one’s for you! It’s Mr. Tommy Haas and Marat Safin… topless! *More droolage*

marat safin

Oh and to Safin’s little sister, yes you Safina, if you reach the finals again this year, please have your brain switched on and not have another unnecessary implosion – especially not during A GRAND SLAM FINAL. (That is, if you reach there this time. Williams sisters are still in, Henin, Zheng, Wozniacki, Kuznetsova… oh hohoho!

Oh btw, Zheng bet Bondarenko in 2 sets! HUZZAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! And Tsonga’s through to the next round… YAYY!!

Also, went and had Jap food at Kenji after hearing and reading rave reviews. After a bill of $130 between two people, I’ve gotta say… I’m on a Japanese food ban for the next month or so! Kenji, you killed me and will not be forgiven any time soon! >=(



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