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Quick update:

Hooray to Fedex and Henin for making it into the semis!

Go Tsonga! ZYou can do it!

Early prediction, but Murray will most likely make it into the finals.

Safin binge because I can, and cause it’s his birthday today! Happy 30th birthday Mr. Safin!!

Safin vs. Djokovic, AO 2005 first round. Djokovic’s first grand slam where he literally got blown off by the eventual champion, Safin. Oh hohoho!

Too cute for words! “Love six.” BWAHAHAH!

BTW, anyone willing to buy me Feds’ racquet? If it isn’t in your price range, maybe Nadal’s perhaps? Djokovic? =P

And onto non related tennis news:

I got bird shat on me last week. STUFF YOU BIRD.

Australia Day public holiday makes this week all stuffed up and today is officially the new Monday.

Finally, cannot wait to get some beer into me on Friday. Hello Begian Beer Cafe Oostende (damn ugly website), how do you do?



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