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So… who’s the man?


He’s the man! All hail the greatest and most talented tennis player. EVER. Read it folks, EVER! Oh how blessed we are to witness this man play tennis.. oh hohoho! =) Poor Mandy, but hey, he’s only 22! He’ll get there some day.

On to other news, caught up with the girls on Friday night at Eggless, where all desserts made are… eggless! Food was good, and service was most excellent too! Cecilia and I got ourselves into some ‘trouble’, if you can even call it that… but on our way back to the car (parked on a side street), this hummer with at least two guys drove by, stopped, honked, yelled, and started banging their rooftop (one assamahole was poking his screwed up head through the sun roof). We stopped, I suggested we walk back to the main road as it was the safest thing to do. Whilst we were walking back, I could see their tail lights reversing through the reflection of the glass doors of shops ahead of us… and that is when… C BOLTED! Hahhahaha, she did tell me to run as well but I was getting there and turned the corner, the dickheads left (thank gosh), we called up T and her boyfriend, and plus one to come back and walk us to our car… so T, Tim and plus one, thank you very muchies!! Those dickfaces were most likely high and drunk seeing that the Big Day Out just finished and was just around the corner from where we were. BLAH!!!

After dropping C off, I headed to ‘the morning lover’s’ farewell as she is leaving to London tomorrow to live and work and live.. and work… (I am so jealous!) I wish her the best of luck and to have a fantabulous time! She will be missed but a group of us may/will be jetting off to see her either sometime this year or next. (Next year please… I need to save monies pronto!) =D At the farewell, I also bumped into an old friend of mine that I have not seen for yonkers! Something like 5 or 7 years? (That makes me sound so oldddddd) So it was really good seeing him again, big shout out to M!

Saturday entailed… hibernating indoors and away from the heat… oh and Serena Williams won the AO back to back.. blah! Am I the only one that thinks that she is fake? MEH.

Some recent purchases:
dream ring from palas jewellery
Dream ring from Palas Jewellery

wish ring palas jewellery
Wish ring from Palas Jewellery

And to end off, HOORAY FOR ROGER!!

Happy Monday guys!



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