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It’s almost the end of the week… yayers all around!

So the stupid me got burnt at work today… whilst trying to get my toasted sandwich off the toaster hot plate… pfft. Little did I know that I was supposed to run my finger under running cold water immediately at least for a few minutes to stop the “cooking of flesh”. (Is this really true? Someone… verify please?) Anyhoos, about an hour later, my finger is stinging like no other and I proceed to stuff it between my icy cold water bottle and the cloth wrapping around it just to cool it down. Lets’ just say, the finger was not in working order for the last half of the day. FAIL.

Aside from the burnt finger and no bird shat on my head this week, that’s the most exciting thing to date… Exciting, if even that.

More pic spammage from the last 2 months:

christmas eve 2009
Christmas Eve 2009

drinks blue ice glass

broadway clock tower
Broadway Clock tower



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