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Be Your Self

Spent Sunday having High Tea with Krimsome at the Stamford Plaza whilst people watching – oh what fun! We headed to Her Majesty’s theatre anticipating for the Be Your Self dance production expecting something amazing and awesome and just… cool.

Be Your Self poster

Be Your Self poster

Unfortunately, we got anything BUT that. First off, I could not understand anything, it was just a bunch of dancers dancing contemporary on stage with weird, strange music… and secondly, having not much sleep the night before, I was struggling to keep my eyes open half way through the performance. (Although the dancing couldn’t have helped with the lack of sleep)… meh. I might have to just stick with comedy acts and dance performances that I know!

Oh and look what finally came in this week!!!

MacBook Pro 17" *bling bling*

MacBook Pro 17" *bling bling*

Now, more monies to save up for an LCD screen, magic mouse and keyboard and the set up’s complete! Weeee~

Random piccies:

dog, maltese, westie

My dog decided that it was a good idea to climb onto my back and refused to get off...
and what am I doing? I'm not too sure myself.

dog, maltese, westie

The boy whimpering at his own image on screen.

It’s a long freaking weekend!! Hope ya’ll have a good one! =D


2 responses to “Be Your Self

  1. Maggie March 10, 2010 at 16:36

    DUDE our friendship bump has just hit its stride with your Apple purchase. Boo..

    Your dog is heaps cute! I think I need.. green tea marshmallows.

    SORRY FOR BEING A CRAP BLOGGER BUDDY and not commenting on your shizzle.

    YUSH it’s Wednesday! =)

    • debbii March 11, 2010 at 10:23

      hahaha oh poor Apple. The macbook is mildly hurt with your comment. 😦 Yes, the thing has feelings too.

      My mum just cut off his mohawk that I’ve been trying to growwwww!!! GAHHH… =(

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