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Plus one

I did some basic maths this week… I added uno to my age… gah!! The horror (not quite), but it was a bit strange. Now when asked, “How old are you?”, I’ll have to take a minute or two to answer them as I’m just not used to this new equation. =P

strawberry waffles

Strawberry waffles at Waffle's

Managed to catch a magic show (Nicholas Tweedy and Richard Kwesell – Affliced Magic) on Friday night with Nghi… and what an awesome magic show it was! Richard was quite the charmer and he had the audience in his hands! Unfortunately at the end of the night, we struggled to find a taxi home even if there were an extra 1000 cabs out to tackle the crowd from the Fringe and Clipsal 500. Booo! And on that note, the Fringe and Clipsal 500 is officially over and now Adelaide will return to its normal state of boringness… FAIL!! I have to wait a whole year for the Fringe again!? GAHHHH…

Overall, I had a lovely week, ate loads, hung out with a bunch of my friends and just enjoyed myself. Thanks everybody for the last couple of days! I can now say, celebrations are over but the eating will still continue! Oh food, how I love thee so.

There are more pics to be uploaded, but cause I fail to time manage myself and sleep at shit ass hours, I’m going to try to call it an early night and continue with this tomorrow.

Have a great week ya’ll!



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