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Flower Children

After having dinner with N and P, we headed to the gardens to try poffertjes as everyone has been raving on about how delicious these treats were!

What are poffertjes you ask? They’re a Dutch treat much like mini pancakes but slightly thicker like fluffy pancake pillows, with a slightly runny centre and is served with a heap of powdered sugar and butter.


Patrons lining at the poffertjes stand.


Waiting for the poffertjes to cook in a special made cast iron pan.


Pouring more poffertjes batter.

We got ourselves 2 plates at $6 bucks a pop and shared it amongst ourselves whilst chit chatting away and catching up on the latest goss. Oh such girls we are! I didn’t like them as much as I was hoping too as I found the runny centre too runny and battery where I could still taste the butter and salt… and the mountain of powdered sugar that was dumped upon each plate like a mound kinda scared me too. HA!

On our way out of the gardens, we encounter the famous Fringe astronaut, but this time, it’s a real one! Coming out to play and post for pictures once the sun sets.

adelaide fringe, astronaut

Adelaide Fringe astronaut comes out to play with her awesome skirt and neon lights!

birthday presents

Some of the awesome stuff I got this past week: bath set, The Sartorialist book, Mimco coin purse, a birthday crystal kit where I get to grow my very own crystals! Too cool, a hoodie iphone mock, a pin and lipbalm from sweet Lien whilst she was on her HK trip. Thanks everybody! Much love! And Karen, thanks so much for the BB cream! It failed to come into this shot cause it was downstairs.. hahah!



5 responses to “Flower Children

  1. kat March 18, 2010 at 11:40

    ooh, everything looks amazing! ..and bb cream? the korean product?

    • debbii March 18, 2010 at 13:59

      Haha, thanks! Yeah.. I got home one day and got a package from Korea, was definitely a surprise. =D


  2. Maggie March 24, 2010 at 11:33

    DAYUUMMMMM – so envious of your birthday stash!! This is what happens when a certain Adelaidean friend doesn’t give her blogger date an addy! Is this what our relationship reduced to?? Food + blog comments?!! Ahahahahah …

    LOL @ BB cream – do a review on it! ;P

    (wow this comment is epically late).

    • debbii March 29, 2010 at 12:16

      Hahaha, dude, if you’re willing to send me wagaya sashimi and some macarons my way, then here’s my addy! Haahah

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