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Last weekend was cookfest Saturday. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of our mains as I was cooking all day and eating and drinking was only on my mind by then! I made some awesome, yes… awesome garlic sauce like the ones I had at Habib’s in Bankstown, Sydney accompanied with a roast chicken and Lebanese bread. I also attempted to make teriyaki chicken with coke… yes – COKE! Result? Success and absolute deliciousness… mmmmMMm! Lovely Nomi dropped by and helped with some prepping, the parentals tended over the stove and came in with spring rolls in VN prawn crackers, Hannah came with chicken satay sticks with peanut sauce and C came with garlic bread and ingredients to make a homemade Caesar salad! Phew… now that entrees and mains are out of the way… we have dessert made by Tina:

Lime and white chocolate creme caramel

Lime and white chocolate creme caramel - YUM!!! My mum absolutely loved this and was constantly asking Tina on how to make this... which reminds me, I still need to get the recipe from her.. hahah =D

Cause we’re such awesome cooks, we helped C make cupcakes for L’s birthday the following day. Fool proof cupcake concoction out of a box! Gotta love it. 😉

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and m&m's

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and m&m's made by and us girls.

Dessert at Rigoni's

Dessert at Rigoni's

Oh, anyone fans of Lipton ice tea peach flavoured? I got a few bottles of these for Saturday, gave the pop a sip who commented that it tasted strange and was convinced he didn’t like it. Next morning, I come downstairs and the bottle’s empty… he’s now secretly addicted to it! Hahahha.. which reminds me, I should buy some more and stock up the fridge. 🙂 It’s Friday tomorrow! Huzzah, any plans for the weekend?


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