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Morning after dark

Splendid weekend was had as close friend from Hong Kong is in town til this Friday. The girls and I haven’t seen her for over 5 years, so it was super awesome that we got to see and catch up with her… just like old times and of course, as always, it was filled with food: Indian, Balinese/ Indonesian and Vegetarian at Hannah’s restaurant. ❤ Nom nom nom!

Oh, and guess what?! Bread Top has finally arrived in Adelaide! OH BOOYAH!

We drove past after dinner on Saturday and us girls literally irrupted into excitement. My tummy that was on the verge of implosion… was suddenly empty and hungry again. Bread Top… you evil thing… oh how I love thee. Ha! We quickly find a park and rush to the store before it closes… Amazing what Bread Top can do to a group of girls in heels. Really.

Bread Top

Bread Top dessert display

Bread Top

Bread Top goodies

And some awesome stuff that I acquired this past week:

Ray bans gold rimmed aviators

Ray Ban gold rimmed aviators

Nice Guy tshirt

Nice Guy tshirt

Nudie jeans

Nudie jeans

Oroton umbrella

Oroton umbrella

Guess who’s broke this week? Hahaha… some black flats won’t go astray either.



One response to “Morning after dark

  1. tercüme April 1, 2010 at 02:58

    Bread Top is my fave..

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