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Blog post long over due.. LONGGGGG over due.

So as aforementioned honkie friend in previous post has gone back to hong kong and nothing much new has happened since then.

Oh, a few of the girls and I have taken the liberty to wake up early on Saturday mornings (*dies*) and tackle the great heights of Mt. Lofty to burn off as many calories as we can. Ha! Unfortunately, after reaching the summit and coming back down to the base, we always found ourselves at Bread Top commending and rewarding ourselves for our efforts. =P But, did you know that that’s the best time to eat junk food? Consuming junk straight after a work out while ones body is still burning fat… but even so, if I didn’t stuff myself with Bread Top, it’d burn the fat in my body that’s already there, and not the new junk I’m adding into my system! =( I know this, but will ignore it happily once I set foot into the gates of Bread Top.

Mt. Lofty summit

View from the Mt. Lofty summit

Ohhh yeahhhh, us Adelaidians survived an earthquake on Friday night! Hahaha, quite surreal really. The first thing that ran through my mind as my room was swaying left to right: “I’m sure I’m not drunk tonight”… *pause* … more swaying ensues… “EARTHQUAKE!!!” And then updates on twitter and fb follows… just shows what I did on Friday night and how exciting my week was! =P

And I also managed to catch up on a handful of movies/ dramas/ shows:
•  Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang – meh
•  The Blind Side – win! But Sandra, please stay away from peroxide!
•  Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind – brain fart in progress.. watching this movie with a massive migraine was of no help! =(
•  Up – rewatched this with Nghi cause she hasn’t seen it… gahhh, how awesome is Russell?! Hhaha
•  500 Days of Summer – cute
•  Music and Lyrics – WTF… waste of time
•  PS I Love You – was ok, not a fan of Hilary Swank
•  Gossip Girl – Chuck… and the clothes… ahhhhh
•  ABDC Season 5 – was ok, am looking forward to watching the ABDC Championship stage with winners from all 5 seasons. Go Jabbawockeez and Quest Crew!
•  and have started on Personal Taste featuring the ever so suave and charming Lee Min Ho. Brb, swooning in progress. Ahhhh~ =) Not too fond of how thick and ditzy and dumb Son Ye Jin’s character is. Why must they make the female leads so… airy fairy dimwits. Sure, they get better through the series, but at least give them some balls at the beginning too!

Russell... live and in the flesh!

Russell... live and in the flesh!

On the shopping from, bought myself a Mimco bag and a Pixar dvd box set and spent oodles of monies on food. Gah… hanging for the next pay cheque now!

Mimco Natural day bag

Mimco Natural day bag

Pixar DVD box set

Pixar DVD box set

And is anyone going to see John Mayer?!?! =( Shame he isn’t visiting Adelaide… SHAME I SAY. Le sigh.

Upcoming long weekend!! BOOYA! What to do, where to go, who to see, what to eat, what to watch? Hrmsssss…



2 responses to “Gee

  1. Island May 5, 2010 at 21:48

    Gah! That Pixar dvd set is so cute!

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