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Happy Mon- Tuesday everyone! Who doesn’t love a long weekend! =D

Friday was spent lurking around the city and china town in search of some fooddddd. Sometimes with so many people, so little time and so many choices… a quick bite at a food court is satisfactory. Bibimbap was had which was my first bowl since returning back from Sydney! :)~

Saturday was Mt Lofty as will all Saturdays from hereon in will be if weather permits. Hiked that mountain in under one hour! 59 minutes to be exact… oh booyah! The rest of the day was spent with Nomi at her place and a quick stint in the city to exercise our wallets. Scored myself a pair of high waisted skinny black pants at Bardot for $40 down from $80! Score for me, not thy wallet. 😛 Clocked the night off with ‘Get Smart’ which was … meh.

mt lofty summit

Mt. Lofty track - 400m to the summit

Sunday proved to be more low key with two more movies – ‘The Princess and the Frog’ (good) and ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ (enjoyable). However C and I managed to squeeze in another visit to Mt. Lofty! This time I bet my PB and got up in 55 minutes, sweating like a hippo and all, but who cares! 🙂 Dinner was spent at Nomi’s with a binge fest on Personal Taste. Lee Min Ho is full of awesome I tell you! Im Seulong on the other hand… *major cringe*

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho

Yesterday was spent with the Nghi-miester were adventures were had at Ikea and Harbour Town – Adelaide’s outdoor answer to Sydneys DFO. Surprisingly, we both got more excited with decorative objects, photo frames, prints, candles, furnishings and home/ kitchen utensils than we did at Harbour Town. LOL. Scored myself a green apple candle (YUM!) and a mini pot. So random.. haha!


Random junk on my shelf, including my apple scent candle and pot plant. I really need to invest in some photo frames and pack away my snoopies... lol

And then we come to today… which happens to be Tuesday, which means that Friday is one day closer than it was yesterday!



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