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Windy Fail

Over the course of the weekend, I inherited massive eye bags to the point where they BULGE out. WTF! =( I didn’t even have a big weekend unlike my fellow friends yet I’m suffering much more than they are. LOL.

Friday could have not come soon enough! I kicked the day off with a job interview that went rather swell (Well, at least I thought so), so now we wait and see. *twiddles thumbs* Headed straight home after work, got ready and scooted to Nomi’s for her 25th birthday. (Yeah, she’s OLDDDDDD!) Dinner was held at Windy Point restaurant – really snazzy place. Food was pretty good the view was better. The restaurant was dimly lit, creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere, which meant, no great photos without flash in use and no tripod so no chance of capturing the city skyline. (Next time I’ll just have to make it to the lookout.)

birthday cake, 25th, naomi, windy point restaurant

birthday, windy point restaurant, 25th, naomi

Last stop for the night – karaoke. Oh yeah! Hahaha… let’s just say things got a bit messy but overall, everyone had a smashing time. I, on the other hand, piked out early in order to get up early and conquer Lofty for another Saturday. Got up feeling dead at 7 on Saturday morning but somehow still managed to leg it up Lofty in 53 minutes! 🙂

Spent the remaining part of the day doing house chores, bathing the boy, baking honey joys and cupcakes then crashed at Nomi’s till she and the others were gearing up for another night out. Pass for me!

Spent yesterday taking Ly (who’s visiting from Sydney) out and about showing what Adelaide has to offer.

“Hey Ly, here’s the malls balls, Rundle Mall, and the city – the size of Bankstown……. that’s about it. Wanna go home now?”

Hahahha, grabbed a bite to eat at Cafe Air, did a little bit of shopping, scored myself this:

american apparel Dd

took a scenic route to Glenelg, chilled a bit at the jetty and finally proceeded home before heading out for dinner. Phew! Smothered our faces with peking duck pancakes at Ming’s Palace – the only freaking dish that was edible, and finally raced home, took a hot shower and hopped into bed ready to tackle Mondayitis.

glenelg, adelaide

glenelg, beach, adelaide

naomi, jetty, glenelg

Little did I know (actually I kinda knew – just a bit late, haha) that I was going to get locked in this morning!! The furthest I could go was to the front yard, am caged in by 2 locked gates with no keys/ remotes at home. FML.

Let me explain… on the way to Ming’s Palace, my bag fell in the car and my house keys fell out. I asked my friend to put the keys back in my bag, and assuming she did so, thought nothing of it. What she really did was just pick the bag up and straightened it out. So dinner was had, went home and went to bed. Fast forward to say… 4am. Mum’s up and ready for work, turns on the light in my room and scours my bag for my house keys so she can put it on the counter downstairs. Being literally dead and tired from lack of sleep – this morning antic isn’t going well with me, so I tell her to go to work and I’ll deal with it in the morning (thinking my keys are in my bag). Give it 2 minutes, my mind registers! I emptied my bag before heading to bed and didn’t find my keys, the thought didn’t even occur to me until I heard my car… driving out of the driveway… NOooOoooo!!! My house keys are in there. But, dad’s still home, and he has keys, so I’ll just sleep but still be alert till he gets up and grab the keys off from him then. Yes, great plan no?!

zZzzzzzzZZZZzz… ended up konking out HARD – literally goneskies! Woke up, dad’s gone, run downstairs, door’s locked, NO KEYS. FUCK. Front door’s not locked but gates are, back door’s locked… GAHHHHHH!! But wait, there’s a spare key – only problem is, it’s outside!

Had to climb over the kitchen sink, out the kitchen window, climbed benches, outdoor tables, wheeled bins around, climbed on bins, poked and prodded around in search of the damn spare key. Called the pop and finally found the freaking key! Climbed back in, got dressed, got ready, and made my way out with the golden key. aojnckadvbaivnak!! Got to work just in time as well! What a freaking morning, no breakfast, a key hunt and little sleep. I’m hungry, someone feed me! 😦



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