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Monthly Archives: June 2010


Weekends are never long enough are they?

Did a good deed last week. Donated to the Free the Bears organisation after watching a doco on tele a few weeks back. I won’t be shopping for the next two weeks, but it’s ok. I helped save a bear! Haha. ❤

Had high tea with my girls on Saturday and it surpassed my high tea experience at the Stamford hotel by a mile. Pretty dainty floral crockery, steel pots with matching milk jug and sugar couldron… it was like we were in Paris somewhere closed off from shitty ol Hindley Street. Psshhh~ I headed straight home after high tea and met with a family dinner party with rellies from the states.

the apothcary 1878, high tea

My cousins’ cousins ( 2 girls ) from the states are down under holidaying and they’ve done more touristy things in this country than me in my lifetime! After they ate, I took them out to the city for some desserts at Cocolat (ie. after driving around for 30mins looking for a freaking park, wtf is this? Sydney? ) which was quite the disappointment. Cocolat, your crepes SUCK, your drinks on the other hand are very good. Once I dropped them off home, I scooted back home, got warm and prepared myself for the Socceroos match against Ghana. FFS. BLAH. Damn ref, when will we ever get a break?! SERIOUSLY. >=(

Fingers crossed for our next match ey? Let me watch a win… please soccer gods? That’s all I ask for, a win for the socceroos!

Spent yesterday going for a walk through the Morialta Conservation Park, very scenic and rocky views:

morialta conservation park



Exhibition YC and navigation fail

Ok, catching up on my blog posts!

Last week, my friends and I managed to annihilate 17 dishes and at least 10 pots of tea at yum cha within the duration of an hour. Yes, food comas were undoubtedly in order but it was well worth it!

citi zen, yum cha, siu mai, har gao, dumplings
Siu mai and har gao

The we fast forward to this weekend… a long weekend in fact. (YAY!) And what a great one it’s proved to be thus far.

Kicked the week off on Friday night with Nghi and had a much needed dose of Tori Mayo at the china town food court. Let me tell you, don’t let food court food fool you! (Tongue tied anyone?) This tori mayo will set you back a whopping $8.30 and is unbelievably delicious!

tori mayo, domotachi, china town food court
Tori mayo

After devouring every little thing on my plate, we head to Bread Top to pick up some buns for my mother and then Cibo for a hot warm coffee and a catch up session. Fun fun!

As usual, Saturday morning is devoted to a morning hike up Mt Lofty. After the hike, I drop by a nearby shopping centre and score myself a brand new trench coat for $42 from $130! EOFYS, oh what bliss! 🙂

Dinner was planned a few days prior: a nice dinner with my bestie at the Mt Lofty summit restaurant over looking the city. Problem was, we didn’t know how to get there by car! Sure, we’ve walked up the mountain on countless occasions, but we’ve never had to take the car, and therefore a different route. I mean, surely we’d find our way there! We have TOMTOM (GPS navigation) and if that fails, we both have google maps on our phone. What do you know? We get lost finding the restaurant! Hahaha, stupid TOMTOM keeps navigating us back into the city, so we ignore that, and googlemaps only got us so far cause we lost reception on our phones! FAIL. We find ourselves in woop woop, a dead end road, no sign of life, no lights, stark darkness – LOST and late for our dinner booking. Hahaha!

We navigate ourselves back into the suburbs, get reception and take a different route. This time, we find ourselves going up the mountain on one side, and then back down the other side and finally, (at long last) we arrive at our destination! Thank gosh, an epic journey to get there and an epic meal to end it off! The food was absolute bliss:

the summit, pork cutlet, beef fillet
Pork cutlet on roasted caramelised pumpkin and sauteed spinach with rosemary and port glaze; eye fillet of beef on crushed new potatoes with truffle butter, confit shallots and beef jus.

the summit, pavlova
Pavlova with mixed berry compote, passion fruit puree and fresh cream

Attempted to take a picture of the city from the Summit just out the front of the restaurant:

mt lofty summit view
The view from the summit of Mt Lofty

GRSS.. no tripod, unbearable weather, had one go and had to bolt to the car! Lol, will have to have another go when the weather starts warming up a bit, or getting one of those sleeping bag-like jackets that the Korean actors wear when they’re filming. You know the ones I’m talking about? Those big puffy shapeless parachute material things that run down to your shins with a fur lined hoodie. Yeah, I need one of those to tackle this weather! 🙂

Finished the night off at besties house just mingling and enjoying each others company.

Today was much more low key but still epic as the papa and I ran amok in Ikea. Literally. Hahaha picked up a few things.. how can you not at Ikea? C’mon, even before you exit the bloody store, they tempt you with one dollar hot dogs, yes…ONE DOLLAR hot dogs. Can you turn that down? You can ey? How about a dollar ice cream? Huh huh?! Well you probably could too, but point is, you’ll more than likely walk away from Ikea with something. Anything.

Now if I was smart, I’d hop into bed, have an early night and get up early to catch the Socceroos at 4am with their first match against Germany. But we all know, I’m not smart and will probably not get into bed til about 1 or 2… and regret it 2 hours later. Ha!


Tori Mayo coma

What is wrong with me as of late? Have I got a dark cloud looming over my head? I think so! Dark clumsy forgetful cloud, that’s what it is… and it won’t stop raining on me. Hmphs.

Had a quiet weekend and caught up with the girls on Friday night for some dessert. I present to you, Kinder Surprise dessert pizza.. oh nom nom nom.

knder surprise dessert pizza, fellinis
Kinder Surprise dessert pizza

This was my dinner due to stuffing my face with this: during lunch AND to top that off, finished it with a bubble tea… so dinner had to be small. Sweet but small. 🙂

Tori mayo! Nomnomnom on Twitpic
This is so freaking good, how did I not discover this sooner?! :)~~

Unfortunately, on the way to cafe Fellini, it took me a whopping 20 minutes to find a freaking carpark… grss and whilst making the hike (not quite a hike, but a fair walk) to the cafe, dun dun dun! It poured on me… I FORGOT MY WALLET AND MONIES. ukfvndkajfnak! What luck! Hahahah, so thanks for spotting me girls. My shout next outing. Bleh.

Lets’ fast forward to today.. this morning. I’m deep in sleep, it’s still too early to get up… but I hear:

*Smooch smooch muah* “I love you” in a baby voice… COUNTLESS TIMES. I’m thinking.. am I dreaming? Or is something really making this noise?! So by now, I’m awake trying to figure out if I was indeed, really dreaming or it’s coming from somewhere in my room. What felt like a long 3 minutes, I hear nothing. It must be a dream… a weird one. But then….

*Smooch smooch muah* “I love you”

What the frick?! It’s coming from one of my keyring toys that’s 9 years old, and might I add, the battery died YEARS ago. WTHEFRICK?! New alarm? Huh?! Battery decides to rejuvenate itself after years of hibernation? Is that it? kdhnfkajdnakjga! BOOOO.. I get up, get the toy and discard it in the room next door and proceed to head back to sleep… no point really cause my alarm goes off in 5 minutes anyhoos. BLAH. Why do this to me? Haahah

hippo plush toy
I tried squeezing it’s stomach after I got home from work today, but what do you know, the battery’s dead!

Oh hey, we’re in our last month for the first half of the year… Almost 6 months in already. Time, slow down will ya!

And finally, FIFA world cup anyone? Oh hohoho 🙂