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Tori Mayo coma

What is wrong with me as of late? Have I got a dark cloud looming over my head? I think so! Dark clumsy forgetful cloud, that’s what it is… and it won’t stop raining on me. Hmphs.

Had a quiet weekend and caught up with the girls on Friday night for some dessert. I present to you, Kinder Surprise dessert pizza.. oh nom nom nom.

knder surprise dessert pizza, fellinis
Kinder Surprise dessert pizza

This was my dinner due to stuffing my face with this: during lunch AND to top that off, finished it with a bubble tea… so dinner had to be small. Sweet but small. 🙂

Tori mayo! Nomnomnom on Twitpic
This is so freaking good, how did I not discover this sooner?! :)~~

Unfortunately, on the way to cafe Fellini, it took me a whopping 20 minutes to find a freaking carpark… grss and whilst making the hike (not quite a hike, but a fair walk) to the cafe, dun dun dun! It poured on me… I FORGOT MY WALLET AND MONIES. ukfvndkajfnak! What luck! Hahahah, so thanks for spotting me girls. My shout next outing. Bleh.

Lets’ fast forward to today.. this morning. I’m deep in sleep, it’s still too early to get up… but I hear:

*Smooch smooch muah* “I love you” in a baby voice… COUNTLESS TIMES. I’m thinking.. am I dreaming? Or is something really making this noise?! So by now, I’m awake trying to figure out if I was indeed, really dreaming or it’s coming from somewhere in my room. What felt like a long 3 minutes, I hear nothing. It must be a dream… a weird one. But then….

*Smooch smooch muah* “I love you”

What the frick?! It’s coming from one of my keyring toys that’s 9 years old, and might I add, the battery died YEARS ago. WTHEFRICK?! New alarm? Huh?! Battery decides to rejuvenate itself after years of hibernation? Is that it? kdhnfkajdnakjga! BOOOO.. I get up, get the toy and discard it in the room next door and proceed to head back to sleep… no point really cause my alarm goes off in 5 minutes anyhoos. BLAH. Why do this to me? Haahah

hippo plush toy
I tried squeezing it’s stomach after I got home from work today, but what do you know, the battery’s dead!

Oh hey, we’re in our last month for the first half of the year… Almost 6 months in already. Time, slow down will ya!

And finally, FIFA world cup anyone? Oh hohoho 🙂



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