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Weekends are never long enough are they?

Did a good deed last week. Donated to the Free the Bears organisation after watching a doco on tele a few weeks back. I won’t be shopping for the next two weeks, but it’s ok. I helped save a bear! Haha. ❤

Had high tea with my girls on Saturday and it surpassed my high tea experience at the Stamford hotel by a mile. Pretty dainty floral crockery, steel pots with matching milk jug and sugar couldron… it was like we were in Paris somewhere closed off from shitty ol Hindley Street. Psshhh~ I headed straight home after high tea and met with a family dinner party with rellies from the states.

the apothcary 1878, high tea

My cousins’ cousins ( 2 girls ) from the states are down under holidaying and they’ve done more touristy things in this country than me in my lifetime! After they ate, I took them out to the city for some desserts at Cocolat (ie. after driving around for 30mins looking for a freaking park, wtf is this? Sydney? ) which was quite the disappointment. Cocolat, your crepes SUCK, your drinks on the other hand are very good. Once I dropped them off home, I scooted back home, got warm and prepared myself for the Socceroos match against Ghana. FFS. BLAH. Damn ref, when will we ever get a break?! SERIOUSLY. >=(

Fingers crossed for our next match ey? Let me watch a win… please soccer gods? That’s all I ask for, a win for the socceroos!

Spent yesterday going for a walk through the Morialta Conservation Park, very scenic and rocky views:

morialta conservation park



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