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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Haru Haru

Oh double whamy! I am on a role although this post won’t contain any pretty pictures.

I forgot to mention that Adelaide is one very very VERY small city! One is bound to bump into someone they know, it’s a rule.

Location: bboy battle at Medal Jam
Example one: I bump into two dudes who I used to go to uni with – one happens to be in the same crew as aforementioned birthday friend, and the other was filming the whole event.
Example two: another fellow who looks awfully familiar – turns out he’s the dude that works at sushi train! Irashaimase!
Example three: a bboy from another crew – I know him, his mum used to be my Vietnamese teacher back in the hey day!
Example four: another bboy (who might I add, was a super dancer and quite cute too, haha) just so happens to work with one of my good friends!

And I think that’s it… I think. Hhahah.. i’m just rambling… if you read through all that, props to you! Here’s a consolation prize (courtesy of my friend MT)!




I AM SO SOREEEEEEEEEE.. Another weekend of soreness!

Kicked off the weekend early this week and headed into the city after work hoping to catch a glimpse of Callum Hann from Master Chef 2010 and to purchase some of his macarons. (MacarOns with one ‘o’ people, one ‘o’. Get it right Master Chef peoples >=( heheh ). Friend and I got to the markets early and waited around for a bit whilst a small crowd was forming at the Providore Central Market. Whilst looking at the sugary delights being displayed on the Providore counter, a tall fellow came up besides us and strutted up a conversation, turns out it was Callum! Although we were a bit star struck, we got over it quickly and chatted for a good few minutes before taking a photo with him and scoring ourselves a box of macarons each.

callum, master chef, macarons
Callums macarons – beetroot, chocolate, pistachio and peanut butter.

I’ll be honest, they weren’t very pretty dome shaped macarons, BUT they had feet, crispy shells and gooey chewy centres – just what a macaron should be. And they’re hard as hell to make too! Favourite flavour of the lot? Peanut Butter hands down! Even mum agrees πŸ™‚ The other flavours were ok, I found the chocolate ganache too hard and the beetroot and pistachio flavours weren’t strong enough for my taste buds. But then again, this is coming from someone who likes their chillies super hot and tea super bitter (testing ones tastebuds to the ultimate! However, spicy hot food challenges are not on the agenda).

Default hike to Lofty fighting through numbness of the leg and treated oneself to yum cha for a job well done. Hahaha! Then celebrated friends 25th birthday over the span of the weekend. First event: bboy underground battle at Medal Jam… and boy oh boy, there were so many sausages there! HAHAHAH. Girls, if you’re up for a perve fest, this is the place to be. No joke! HAHAHAHA. Jen and I have sussed them all out, Hehehe!

bboy battle, medal jam, tofu
Bboy battle at Medal Jam.

Ended the night off at some dudes house for drinks and a bit of mingle where I saw myself being interrogated by stick man – leave me alone dude.. hhahah I kid I kid. Stick man is a long time friend who weighs a mere 60kg but eats like a tank (it’s not fair! ), shares the same birthday with me and will be my knight in shining armour if my Honda ever konks out on me (he works as a mechanic at Honda). Booya!

Sunday spontaneously kicked off with a run around the suburb and another yum cha outing (I am yum cha-ed out yo!) before rushing to meet the boys at the rock climbing venue. Oh my lordy lord… I for one, am not fond of heights. At. All. So this, this was a challenge. So there I was, spidergirl with 3 other spidermen whilst everyone else played spectator to our glorified butts scaling up a faux cliff face wall. Hahahah! I managed to climb the wall twice before calling it a day and fulfilled my role as belayer to newly found bff, Mr. Phi – yeah, I had his back! Now if only he could’ve let me down sooner once I hit the top as my grip was slowly slipping away. Aeishhh.. hahaha. Who said climbing a wall is easy?! I wanted to go all inception on it, if only someone could tilt the wall 90 degrees down and I’d be crawling all over that thing. Ha! Sweaty palms and minor rope burn was the results of the evening, but s’ll good – all in good fun! Good seeing you boys again, it’s been years I tell you!

rock climbing, vertical climbing
Rock climbing

And now we’re on Monday – I’m sore as heck; Lofty, run and rock climbing has taken its toll on my legs, my lower back and neck. Somebody strap me to a bed and get a masseuse pronto!


City to Bay fun run 2010

Oh what a weekend!!

Yes, like the title suggests, I did the City to Bay fun run this year. All 12kms of it! And our team – bubbytrons managed to reach our target of $2000 for the Animal Welfare League! Well done everyone! WOOHOOOO.

I’ve got to say though… I am in a world of pain! Oh so sore, my feet, my back, my legs… hahah I can’t move! But it was all worth it, can’t wait to go again next year, hopefully I’ll be more prepared then (without my bag and dslr!!). πŸ˜›

city to bay fun run 2010
City to Bay fun run pre race

city to bay fun run 2010
City to Bay fun run – countdown signs. Oh what bliss it was to see the last sign with 1km to go!

I started the run off within the first pack of runners and within 5 minutes, was overtaken by EVERYONE. HAHAHA… all I could hear were pitter patters of feet behind me and before I knew it… there I was with J, just walking and plodding along. Heheheh ! I’m so proud of J and I for making it to the finish line, and would like to thank Viet and Thai for getting us some much needed carbs and sugar that I literally devoured within 2 minutes. Oh so satisfying! πŸ™‚

Went for my weekly hike on Saturday with 8 new newbies, WELL DONE GUYS! :

mt lofty hike

Maybe not the smartest thing to do cause I paid the price on Sunday during the fun run! >.<

And if you were wondering what’s harder? Lofty or C2B? Lofty, hands down is much tougher and rather painful!

Time for some much needed rest and sleep! Somebody call me a masseuse ! πŸ˜›



Methinks it’s a time for an update!

Lots of food porn to follow as that’s all I’ve been doing of late… eating out!

wasai, agedashi tofu, takoyaki
Agedashi tofu and takoyaki balls at Wasai.

eggless, dessert tasting platter, turkish delight ice cream, black sesame panna cotta
Turkish Delight ice cream with Persian fairy floss and black sesame panna cotta at Eggless.

Managed another solo hike on Saturday, the first in 3 weeks and boy, did it hurt or what? Felt damn good once I hit the top though (as always), and all that pain endured to get there just… dissipates. πŸ™‚

Celebrated my long time childhood friends’ birthday over the weekend, my darling P is now a ripe ol’ age of 23! Mwahaha… I’ve known this girl since we were in tracky dacks at Vietnamese school… give it a few more years and I would have clocked up a whopping 20 years of knowing her! Much love to my wonderful peaches#2, much laughter and good times in another 23 years to come. ❀

Also managed to squeeze in a quick lunch and shopping date with my HS mates. Had a splendid time and in the process, picked up a khaki military jacket similar to what the SNSD girls wear during their Genie promotions for a whopping $25 from $80. BAZINGER!

Sucks that I’m left with $5.00 in my wallet now. True story.

OH, this upcoming Sunday is the City to Bay fun run peoples! Yes, I will be running, walking and crawling the whole 12km from the city straight down to the bay. Someone, please wait for me at the line with a cold bottle of beer? Yes? Looking forward to Sunday (weather, please be good) but Monday will be a bitch. I have no idea how I’m going to drag myself out of bed to get to work on time cause I’m going to feel like I’ve been put the wringer and beaten down to a pulp. But hey, all for a good cause right? πŸ˜› Donations are still more than welcome, head over to to make a donation. Any amount is appreciated!

AND AND, anyone catching the USO? Rafa and his damn sexy hair vs Nole and his OTT support crew mens final is postponed til tomorrow due to stupid rain. USO, time to get a roof like the AO dontchathink? Get with the times yo! πŸ˜› And that also means, after the finals, Nole jumps to world no. 2 and Fed down to world no. 3.. BLASPHEMY I TELL YOU. BLASPHEMY!

I’ll be seeing you in January ! Bazinger.

HAHAHA, so I temporarily played model at work for a shopping centre brochure and it finally got printed. Heh, interesting stint… LOL.