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City to Bay fun run 2010

Oh what a weekend!!

Yes, like the title suggests, I did the City to Bay fun run this year. All 12kms of it! And our team – bubbytrons managed to reach our target of $2000 for the Animal Welfare League! Well done everyone! WOOHOOOO.

I’ve got to say though… I am in a world of pain! Oh so sore, my feet, my back, my legs… hahah I can’t move! But it was all worth it, can’t wait to go again next year, hopefully I’ll be more prepared then (without my bag and dslr!!). 😛

city to bay fun run 2010
City to Bay fun run pre race

city to bay fun run 2010
City to Bay fun run – countdown signs. Oh what bliss it was to see the last sign with 1km to go!

I started the run off within the first pack of runners and within 5 minutes, was overtaken by EVERYONE. HAHAHA… all I could hear were pitter patters of feet behind me and before I knew it… there I was with J, just walking and plodding along. Heheheh ! I’m so proud of J and I for making it to the finish line, and would like to thank Viet and Thai for getting us some much needed carbs and sugar that I literally devoured within 2 minutes. Oh so satisfying! 🙂

Went for my weekly hike on Saturday with 8 new newbies, WELL DONE GUYS! :

mt lofty hike

Maybe not the smartest thing to do cause I paid the price on Sunday during the fun run! >.<

And if you were wondering what’s harder? Lofty or C2B? Lofty, hands down is much tougher and rather painful!

Time for some much needed rest and sleep! Somebody call me a masseuse ! 😛



2 responses to “City to Bay fun run 2010

  1. Maggie September 27, 2010 at 01:33

    Woo!! Go you! ;D You’re like one of the most fit people I know but mmm.. food. Did you do City 2 Surf while you were in Sydney?

    YAY RAFA ❤

    • debbii September 27, 2010 at 17:06

      Hahah I still feel like a balloon though! Had a double whamy of yum cha this past weekend, not the smartest decision I’ve made. Hahaha

      No, I didn’t. Didn’t think I’d make it.. haha 😛

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