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Haru Haru

Oh double whamy! I am on a role although this post won’t contain any pretty pictures.

I forgot to mention that Adelaide is one very very VERY small city! One is bound to bump into someone they know, it’s a rule.

Location: bboy battle at Medal Jam
Example one: I bump into two dudes who I used to go to uni with – one happens to be in the same crew as aforementioned birthday friend, and the other was filming the whole event.
Example two: another fellow who looks awfully familiar – turns out he’s the dude that works at sushi train! Irashaimase!
Example three: a bboy from another crew – I know him, his mum used to be my Vietnamese teacher back in the hey day!
Example four: another bboy (who might I add, was a super dancer and quite cute too, haha) just so happens to work with one of my good friends!

And I think that’s it… I think. Hhahah.. i’m just rambling… if you read through all that, props to you! Here’s a consolation prize (courtesy of my friend MT)!



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