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So What

Expect posts to feature FM cause they may have just replaced my daily dose of caffeine! Hehehe.

The week that was:

  • Friday night – Jens surprise 25th birthday partay~ booya! Friends, drinks, nibbles, uno, thirteen and jenga! We have now come to the conclusion that I am indeed, the Jenga queen! >=) But when it came down to the card cames… I suck. So. Bad. ahahahah
  • Saturday – weekly hike and hot damn… it was hot and they’ve decided to upgrade the track! Therefore making it harder… I’m unsure if I wanna return back this weekend. Eek. A run down the beach sounds more appealing 🙂
  • Binged out at Bread Top… which pretty much undid all the hard work at Lofty. Mini burger, apple custard bun and black sesame bubble tea. FAIL FAIL.
  • Spontaneous outing in the city for some ice cream and a nice cold beer to fight the 30 degree heat! Good times.
  • Didn’t eat out all weekend and fingers were itching to spend monies! LOL.

The week ahead:

  • Premature birthday dinner for the beautiful C at our favourite Wasai! (today)
  • Proper birthday dinner on Wednesday…
  • Tony Bianco sale on Friday night after work
  • Possibly a trip to Shankers to have Indian food.. (maybe a hike on Saturday should be a priority now… ugh. LOL)

Can’t wait!



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