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Round Round

Lacking in bloggisms, brain has resulted in a puddle of slushy mush and chooses to function sporadically. 🙂

The fortnight that was:

  • 23/11 – Massive binge at Wasai – delectable goodness!
  • wasai, deluxe sashimi sushi boat, aburi salmon roll, takoyaki, gyoza

  • 24/11 – Quiet dins at The Goody with dessert at Cocolat
  • cocolat, top deck hot chocolate, chai latte

  • 26/11 – Watched Back to the Future 1, what a classic.
  • 27/11 – Shankers for dins and Eggless for dessert. onnomnomnom
  • 27/11 – Jenga happenings and playing catch ups with friends at T&S’s house
  • 28/11 – Picked up tix for the BoomBox Tour! Booyeah! Kevjumba, I’m looking at you! Haha
  • 03/12 – Sleep over at P’s house where she made French Onion Soup, bruschetta with a secret ingredient and vanilla pana cotta with berry compote! 🙂
  • bruschetta, pana cotta

  • 03/12 – Slow roasted myself in stifling heat at home. If I was a pig that day, man… my meat would’ve been so tender and juicy! LOL.
  • 04/12 – Picked up tix for FM’s tour with Rihanna down under. OMGHELLSYEAHCANTWAIT! I got ticks just for them, even when I had $5 in my wallet. Excited and obsessed I am. GAH.
  • 05/12 – My GHD came in the mail! CRAP, how did I survive without one for so long? That thing is the bomb heating up in 10 seconds and works a charm! OH mwahahah!
  • 05/12 – Made my first pavlova! And quite a success I must say. Was never a huge fan of this but I’ve come around to appreciate it, even if it’s super super sweet. Everything in moderation peoples! 🙂
  • 05/12 – Watched Back to the Future 2 – doesn’t live up to the first… am contemplating whether to finish it off with number 3, set in the wild wild west if my memory serves me correct.
  • 08/12 – Casual eat out at PJ O’Briens with Miss K before she heads off to Europe (AGAIN!!). Am looking forward to the day she gets back, so hurry up and scoot scoot! Lol. Bring me back lots of pretty old funky gear yeah?! 😉
  • Looks like it might be a quiet weekend for me, save some monies and some good news may come to light come next week! Fingers crossed yo! 🙂

And on a side note, Quest Crew, please lock down a promoter in Adelaide will ya? 😀 Oh, bring DTrix with you too!!
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