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Window’s Down

Gahhh, this year is just about over! That means that I’ve been home for over a year now.. doesn’t really felt like I left! Shucks.. shouldah stayed in Sydney for another year or two. But no point in ‘what if’s’ aye? To be honest, I’m ready for 2010 to be over… what a year it’s been… bring on 2011 and AO baby! Can’t think of a better way to kick start the year 🙂

Quick recap in dot point form… just cause I can, heh.

  • 15/12 – K leaves on her second European adventure, which means she’ll be spending Christmas, her birthday and NYE in different countries! LUCKY ASS. 🙂
  • 18/12 – Pre-xmas dinner with my lovely ‘C’s’ and respective partners with a little karaoke to end off the night, woot woot!
  • 19/12 – Boom Box tour feat. Kevjumba, Lydia Paek, JRA and others. Heh…. lets just say… ‘so that’s what it feels like to be at a Bieber concert’. UGHboombox tour, kevjumba, timothy delaghettoboombox tour, lydia paek, jra
    J.R. Aquino – By Chance – very impressive!
  • 23/12 – Work lunch then went to watch an ice hockey match
  • 24/12 – Sushi train lunch, xmas eve din dins and opening pressies at midnight
    xmas 2010xmas treatsxmas dinner - chicken with spinach and pine nut stuffing
  • 25/12 – xmas lunch with phuongie and peoples.. food comas to the maximums!xmas 2010xmas lunch, ham, chicken, prawnslulu gifted
    Phuong’s dog Lulu getting gifted… hahaha
  • 26/12 – boxing day bbq at cousins
  • 28/12 – sales and lunch at the botanic gardens restaurant – highlight of the day? MY KICKS! Been eyeing them all year, so caved when they were on sale. Woot woot
  • 30/12 – locking myself indoors to avoid the 39c heat outside… bracing for a killer NYE… 43/27C degrees… oh lordy lord!




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