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The year that was… 2010

Goodbye 2010! Hello 2011!

2010 started off with me back at home in Adelaide after spending an amazing 14 months in Sydney were I landed my first job, became an adult, learned how to cook, became responsible (HA!) and discovered the 3 F’s: food, (new) friends and freedom baby!

This year kicked off a new job, a sudden increase in savings (yay to no rent and fewer bill payments) and a lot more free time. Lunch and dinner dates aplenty, shopping sprees more frequent – although not the greatest thing as I’ve now resorted to dumping things off at the salvos or selling them on ebay to claim back some much needed closet space!

I’ve gotta say, 2010 literally flew by… I can’t believe it’s been a year already!

  • The fringe came and I went all out, attended as many shows as I could and was a regular at the garden of unearthly delights,
  • A long time friend from HK visited for the first time in 5 years so was super great to see her,
  • C and I picked up hiking and I managed to keep at it for a solid 8 months but haven’t returned since November! Oh noes >.<
  • Rekindled my love/hate for kdramas resulting in sleep deprivation and giddiness over hot unrealistic male leads, pssshhh. Woongah~
  • Celebrated noms 25th and Ly came down for the party from Sydney
  • Discovered that friends and I can down 30 plates of sushi if you make us wait for 2hours!
  • Said goodbye to my best friend – Diesel who I still miss dearly with each corner of our house reminding me of the little mutt
  • Really discovered who my friends were through a difficult time and for that, I thank you!
  • Completed the 12km City to Bay fun run and didn’t come last! Woot woot
  • Went indoor rock climbing and almost shit my pants
  • Met the boys from poreotics and played it off cool – got fangirlish syndrome after the meet and greet, in my books, a good thing! Hahah
  • Attended a Master Chef Master Class and had an absolute ball
  • Attended one of my closest friends engagement party 🙂
  • Had many feasts with my dear C on the lead up to her birthday
  • And counted down to the end of this year for my long awaited holidays filled with friends, family, laughter, joy, fun… and of course, FOOD!

So I guess that’s kinda 2010 in dot point, I’m a year older… maybe a bit more mature (yeah right!), a little more plumper and quite possibly a bit wiser (or not). 2010, you were one heck of a roller coaster ride, thank you to everyone who stuck by me this year, to drop a note just to say ‘hello, how are you?’… thank YOU. Hope to see you all in 2011, bring it on!

Thank you’s in alphabetical order:

CYou’re my person. (Ha! Grey’s Anatomy reference) My unfailing and dependent rock. QUEST CREW FTW! ❤

Jenn – What a year you’ve had, another great one ahead. Thanks for being truly awesome, thanks for the pep talks, your advice and outlook on things, our feasts and good times. Am truly blessed to know you! Aja Aja Fighting!

Karen – Darls, miss you lots! Thanks for another great year, the emails, text spammage and kdramas! Hopefully I’ll get to see you in 2011 for DIY wagyu beef! *the secret*

Krystle – The awesome one. You’re spending NYE in Europe – jealous! Am awaiting your return with photos and stories. Thanks for being – you got it – awesome! More food and photography adventures when you return!

Maggie – One of the very few kpop fangirl junkies that I can relate to (no one gets it, haha). Didn’t get to hang out with you this year but still managed to catch up with you every now and then through the beloved interwebs. We both know how awesome social networking and tumblr is! The year started off with DBSK in Aus (or was it end of 2009) and now 2011 is gonna kick off with your toy boys Shinee in Syd! I know you’ll be somewhere in the front row with heart eyes for them? Thanks for the chats and emails, (oh and the evil/awesome zipia batches), thanks for everything! See you in January to perve on hot half naked men… Nadal is yours! Awesomesauce.

Nomi – Thanks for everything Chi Ngoc! You are the besterest. We still need to have our Soju Bar date! Mwahah

Phuong – Phuongie, how long have I know you? I just have enough fingers or toes to count that one! Only just! You’ve had an amazing year jet setting around the world. Thanks for always being there, your constant laughter and positive outlook on life. Here’s to 2011 Miss ‘I’m making it rain!’

Thai – Oh, the only bloke amongst the girls. Haha, thanks for everything mister, didn’t see much of you this year, so we shall change that in 2011! Penis!

Happy New Year!!



3 responses to “The year that was… 2010

  1. Krystle January 3, 2011 at 03:02

    Happy new year, D!!
    From the awesome one ;D

  2. Phuong January 4, 2011 at 10:28

    Oh debs, I love your blog and I love that you can remember everything that’s happened this year. Me, on the otherhand struggle to remember what the heck went down last week? haha
    What a great year, love your little memoir collage. 2010 gone and dusted, Diesel will always be remembered. Loved that little playful munchkin! I can just sense 2011 being a fantastic year! We will party it up in Melbourne whilst drooling on half ne-ked sweaty hottaaaaaaaays! Oh I am gonna stalk the shit out of Federer and Nadal and Roddick and Djokivic and and.. WHO KNOWS! EVERYONE! haha lover your guts. Seriously. xoxo

  3. Maggie January 15, 2011 at 14:57

    Dude I am trying so hard to wean myself off everything Korean this year but something tells me I’m going to fail so hard. Diesel will always be amazing, so methinks you’ll be fine =] Sorry for being so crappy at keeping in touch but I’m so glad we met. Fuck yeah to the AO and Melbourne shenanigans!! See you in 18 hours mang! ♥

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