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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Captain Awesome

The last month in dot points cause that’s how I roll… or in other words, I’ve gotten lazy and and this will have to do! 😉

  • Watched Tangled starring Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi aka Chuck aka Charles Carmichael <3. Loved it, perfect voices, cute storyline and gorgeous imagery. Cartoons FTW!
  • tangled

  • Caught up with the lovely girls – C and T at The Brasserie whilst stuffing my face in steak and ice cream. Boo yeah~
  • the brasserie

  • C makes her trip to Melb to feast her heart shaped eyes on her future husband – Ryanimay and his mates – Quest crew. Mwahahha
  • She got me a signed poster of this dude – JV. Lovely voice, great singer! THANKS DARLS.
  • Friday after work eatings and beer and coffee at Belgian Bier Cafe, Amalfis and Cibo. Phew!
  • Workmate got married – attended the lovely church ceremony. Congrats J and C. It was beautiful!
  • $3 sushi train eatings – however our record of 30 plates between 3 people still stands. This session we chowed through 30 plates between 4 people. Fair effort!
  • Caught up with my lovely Chi Ngoc for a stroll through the Gilles St markets, before
  • Heading off to Just Tickled Pink for a girly outing with Krystle
  • just tickled pink, high tea

  • Attended a soccer match with a female to male ratio of 1:12 at the Adelaide Oval between Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory with Adel trumping at 2 – 1… I survived, thank gosh. Boys, you sure are boisterous!
  • Had oysters and beer with Krystle then lounged on a deck chair under a big fat tree in the shade at the Garden of Unearthly Delights – such bliss!
  • Got my ass whooped at a fitness session at 7.30am on a Saturday morning by a personal trainer
  • Feasted on a 3 course lunch at The Wine Underground with free flowing champagne – oh yeahhhh~ Fill ‘er up!
  • Chilled with noms at her place and stuffed self with cold rolls just like back in the hey day in Syd
  • Body felt as if train had ran over it the following day and struggled to walk like a normal human being. Limbs are about to fall off!
  • Spent time at the movies with Portman and Kutcher (No Strings Attached) before grabbing a small bite at the Red Door Bakery and filling my belly up with a mushroom pizza, plum danish and a lemon fizz!

And now we’re here… another week of work, and another countdown to the weekend. Such is life and I’m loving it!