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Ape Shit

The crazy ass month that was:

  • Had a full catch up sesh with my lovely C over a Mexican dinner many Mondays ago. ❤ Love you! xx
  • Photoshoot at work with me being the model… interesting times… I’ve yet to see the photos! :/ EEEK!
  • Spontaneous outing with Nomi at eggless and a 2 hour sesh at karaoke… oh yeahhhhh~
    eggless, white chocolate and green tea tart eggless, black sesame creme brulee
    White chocolate and green tea tart, black sesame creme brulee
  • Catch up lunch with Jenn down by the quay overlooking the water and seeing a dolphin and jelly fishes at Portobello
  • Went to see Michael Buble… aka MICKEY BUBBLE! AMAZING CONCERT… it was the best concert I’ve ever been to… but that only lasted for a week! HA! 🙂 But the man knows how to put on a show! What a brilliant and amazing entertainer. Oh.. and the supporting act – Naturally 7 were BEYOND amazing as well!

  • Flew out to Melbourne a weekend before my birthday for early celebrations and of course.. to see the one and only FM. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Boarding the first flight out to Melb in the AM.
  • Grabbed an early yum cha bite before our group of 5 split up – one on route to shopping, and the other to just chill and explore Melb
  • Our posse of three roamed Melb CBD, dropped by Crown, hung around in the arcade, found tokens and got ourselves a free water pistol, legged it to DFO and scored myself a dress for one of the upcoming weddings this year (must slim down!), checked into hotel, got ready and headed out to KBBQ – yuumy food and good service UNTIL THEY KEPT OUR CHANGE AS TIP… like we get it, you want tip, we’ll give you a tip but give us our change first you assholes! UGH.
  • Treated ourselves to dessert at passionflower
  • Before making our way to see the FM show… WOOHOOOOO~

FM spam post to follow!



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